Manifesto Rainbow


What is a rainbow really? is it the promise of a pot of gold well guarded by a magical little person? Is it that the pot of gold is a fiction to draw ones attention further onward proving the craven nature of our carnal woe/man-hood..a simple ruse to delay the mind from the riches of true wealth lest that be stolen too?

Let there now be clarity then, where the mind dwells excessively on its obsessions, in the carnal darkness of cool mystery, in the houses of lilith..where the truth of gold and rainbow lights meet in the erudite fashion.

The first time for me was driving along a scenic highway in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The rainbow appeared a few miles in front. As i drove forward and taking the winding corners it seemed the rainbow came closer and closer, always aligning the more securely to be directly in my path. Sure enough, a final rounding of the bend and there it was a few hundred meters ahead, the end planted firmly on the road ahead.
Banishing all thought of carnal wealth from mind, the secret came ever closer with each revolution of the wheels carrying me towards wisdom.
In that moment time stood still, the entrance to the rainbow and the legendary infinite wealth were fact now. There was no more wonder or doubt, only awe meeting someness to become awesomeness that can never be stolen or corrupted. i had entered the truth of the rainbow, and all creation was undone for the intellect to know what it is to be a part of something bigger than oneself, to become all with all, one rainbow within an infinite potential of rainbows that exist in an ocean of rainbow lights
I died that day, i became a rainbow.
There is only rainbow, there is nothing else within a heart, there is nothing else with which one can create heart from.
Rainbow is all that there is, there is no other splendor or wealth one can possess, and to possess the rainbow is to give it away, else to keep: it is made to perish utterly.

The second time was today, the time of my writing these words. Blue sky gave way to grey and soon the freakish storm thundered and pealed until all the amperages of 0din left me in silent contemplation of falling drops upon a bare forehead. As i gazed over the thirsty fields in empty minded concentration there was a pull felt in all the chakras of the torso..accompanied by an increase in awareness, as if some vehicular accelerator had been engaged. And there it was, a rainbow appeared some 100-150 meters directly in front of me. What a marvelous opportunity! Once again, after a period of judicious wonder, the pull, the release, the increase, and there were not one but 3 in harmonic octave rising into the sky.
Like a rock, i felt moved, then allowing awareness to diminish in its clear lucidity..the rainbows moved off into the distance until they faded from view, swallowed by the raging storm of Odin, leaving in the wake a blessing of wet grass and clear blue sky.

There is only rainbow, and it is filled with limitless wealth, and it is well guarded by magikal little people.
Find the end of the rainbow and you will find your pot of gold, it's true!
i am like a particle floating on a wave traveling across a sea of awareness, looking within, i am everywhere, looking outward i see everything where ever i look. I am the Captain of my own experience, It has always been this way.

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