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Meeting Adam for what I thought was the first time

My dreams are either very vivid and hard to decipher between realities or I don't have them at all. My journey through spirituality falls on and off (but of course even the off times are part of and very important to the journey), and sometimes life consumes me, but I always come back stronger. My dreams always give signs and symbols, guiding me, teaching me, meeting people, etc, such as repeating numbers 444, 888,1111, ankhs above doors to places I'm told I'm suppose to be or go to, people with metatrons cube tattooed into their palms, names of people or places or things I should investigate or am going to encounter, etc. Side note: I didn't know what an Ankh was or what it was even called until I was shown it by 3 men in a dream who said they were my brothers (in this physical reality I only have 1 half brother) and I was helping them and myself move into a house with Ankhs above the front door.

Back to the main topic: I had a dream last night where I met a man named Adam (I've never known an Adam in this physical life thus far), and we openly embraced and kissed like we've known eachother for eons. We barely spoke to eachother, but more so communicated telepathically, thus how I knew his name was even Adam. He also told me that this was not our first or last meeting.
We went to some sort of get together somewhere that I didn't know, but I was good friends with some of the people there. I quickly got bored and kind of uncomfortable being there, and Adam noticed. Not only did we leave the party that night but the whole country! We held hands, kissed, and he held me and I felt content and belonging. Then I woke up.
I don't know if this dream is just trying to say something as subtle as I don't feel like I fully belong in the friend groups I'm apart of (which is true) or something bigger than that?
Please share your opinions!
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Re: Meeting Adam for what I thought was the first time

I recall seeing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream State when it was first playing in London.
Written by Slim Dice, the gesticulating carnivorous egalitarian hotelier and casino owner from Las Vegas, big in Bognor Regis, and Andy Flayyed Blubber of Houston, Texas, bleep.

With the breadth of vision of a pair of silver plated cuff links to web sites no one uses,
and the pleasurable insight of a dog's trousers after 96 years prolonged use on the allotments,
It really stood out for me.

Adam, sadly was on holiday, but had thoughtfully and with pre-vision,
left his Ankle in a jar by the door, next to Elenour Rigby,
outside his house at 222 The Gropes, Muswell Hills Gated Warbling Club, Harrowgate-
next door the the Men in Black.

I have often, I am told, left a country whole and sired many millions before dusk.
Ghengis Khan

Re: Meeting Adam for what I thought was the first time

It could be a soul mate or twin flame who will be manifested in your physical life or maybe only in the spiritual realm. I would be more inclined to think of a coming partner but I do not know.
It is interesting you guys left the country... Could be that this person is from another country or that you will meet in another country.

This is what I believe but I cannot know for sure; what does your intuition tell you?
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