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SecretAgentMan wrote:In the dream I was on the Island of Corsica. There was a fortress or castle that was to be defended against a much stronger enemy that surrounded us. We controlled the Northern part of the island. The forte was kind of laid out in a spiral fashion and totally designed to fire as much missiles at the enemy as possible especially through archery. This dream had a lot of arrows in it flying in both direction and the only real threat to life came from bow and arrow.
In the end we beat back the invaders but I was chased and had to find refugee in the middle of the castle. It appears we just won the battle and inflicted big casualties on the enemy. The kings name was Leonidas.
Napoleon was born in Corsica. I think this is another ego state dream, perhaps to be juxtaposed with your earlier dream of the elevator. I don't mean that in a bad way, maybe a term like 'self esteem' or 'reputation'.

Re: Castle/fort dream

A house or home is usually a representation of self, but other buildings, like castles, have other meanings. Per Tony Crisp; "Castles represent feelings of security or insecurity; our defensive attitudes; the way we defend ourself against attack; past attitudes which may have been necessary in childhood to defend ourselves while strengthening our idenity."

Shapes are important, too. Spirals represent things we repeat over and over (i.e. habits) or something we are moving towards, like a greater awareness or insight.

Weapons represent our desire to hurt someone or how we've internalized our own aggression or past hurts or fear of being hurt, or how we defend ourselves from being hurt. Arrows in particular, "Something that has really got into us, like hurtful words or actions; or being pierced by a powerful emotion such as love; turning our attention inwards in a wounding way; sometimes a message, perhaps of love or endeavour."

Obviously context comes into play, and these are loose defintions, so it's not an exact science....but the book I pulled from for ya is really helpful if you want to understand dreams a bit better: ... 0440237076

I find it interesting that you got a specific name (Leonidas). I don't have that happen to me very often, and I wonder if people do? Most of my dreams with other people are just filler people used by mind to represent other things...I never get names.
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