Seeing Lord Hanuman in a dream

Hi all
My Dream is below
Last night I saw Lord Hanuman in dream. I was driving the car and suddenly from back seat someone I thought was a friend rose to sky. Then I identified that oh this is lord Hanuman. He was orange in color. His size was increasing as he rose up in the sky. I felt serene and this all I remember. I was driving through a forest at night.
Oh yes I forgot to mention I am a Hindu by birth. Can anyone interpret something.

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The way I interpret it is like this (I am not Hindu so my view is limited):

So, you were driving through a forest at night; this sounds to me a reflection of how you drive in your life. You are walking your life but somehow it is dark. This can mean confusion in your life or it could mean hidden truths or information which is about to come into your life - like, mystery of this kind. It can also mean a bit of both.

I do not know Lord Hanuman too well, but for what I perceive, this is a spiritual figure. It represents spirituality in some way. About him growing up into the sky, it can mean growth and ascension. So, spiritual growth and ascension for you.

This can be a message for you but I do not know because I am not you :)

Do you think this was accurate? This is how I interpret it but it does not mean it has to be right; you know yourself and your life more so you know :)

Anyways, I hope this gives you a positive message for your life :)

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Hi Red Violet,
Yes I am going through darkness and yes to ascession thing too I totally think it is accurate. Other than that I mean Lord Hanuman was hiding his real image then I realise that it is him and then he exapnds his size, this could be something I am trying to get at. I mean ascesion thing I totally agree with but something else too.
About Hanuman I know from Ramayan that he helped Lord Ram to kill Raavan king of Demons. I hope acsended master Hanuman helps me in same way. To erase Real life demon inside me and outside me. :)

Re: Seeing Lord Hanuman in a dream

Hello :)

Well, what can I say... I am happy that it was a bit accurate :P
I cant say I am familiar with these characters that you describe.
I do wish that you find your answers and that you achieve your healing.

In my personal belief, in order to rid ourselves from demons or entities, I think we must heal ourselves first and become empowered. Realizing our own inner light and power. But that is just what I believe in :)

Re: Seeing Lord Hanuman in a dream

I received a DVD yesterday that I had ordered called: Qigong for self-healing by Lee Holden.
The exercises are really really great 50 minutes standing then 30 minutes on the floor opening up energy gateways all over the body and face, removing blockages/stagnant energy with pressure points in the face, hands, arms, legs and so on and simple exercises to bring in new energy, doing this will let the body naturally heal. I highly recommened it, it's much better than I expected.
Awaken you inner healing power with movement & self-massage :)
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