caterpillar killed in a dream

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Again I am here with my dream . I saw a caterpillar and then that caterpillar became friendly with a dog. Caterpillar was of dog's size I was enjouying seeing both playing. Then dog goes for a walk. Caterpillar is goes with the dog. Suddenly the dog crosses the road but caterpillar stays on road. I am shouting someone save the caterpillar someone save. Then two or three vehicles do not pass through the caterpillar but some other vehicles pass through it I can feel that caterpillar has dies but no liquid comes out of the caterpillar. My sister comes in dream suddenly and says see your karmas :evil: . I suddenly wake up from the dream saying why do you always blame me for everything which happens wrong.
It was kind of disturbing dream. Seeing Ascended Master Hanuman was a nice experience.
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Re: caterpillar killed in a dream

Have you felt judged and blamed by your sister in your waking life?
We all have karmas, or have had them at some point at least. Blaming each other serves no purpose.

The way I see it, caterpillars are a younger version of butterflies. They are the developing version of a beautiful butterfly who can fly freely. Maybe this is what you are going to become at some point.

About the dog, do you have a friend in your life who is consciously or unconsciously encouraging you to explore new ways and cross your borders? If so, is it possible that you keep yourself from going forward because of inner fear?

Could it be possible that your baggage, such as inner fear and guilt are preventing you from reaching your high potential? And also, do you feel like your sister has something to do with this?

I am just guessing here according to what you describe.

Since you seem to be looking for some spiritual empowering truth, can I ask you if you like crystals?
If you do, I suggest you to try amethyst, lapizlazuli, sodalite and / or labradorite. They are good for the third eye, for inner spiritual awakening. Labradorite is apparently a very good healing crystal which could help you.
Natural crystals which are purple, dark blue and indigo help with the third eye and give new light and clarity.

Re: caterpillar killed in a dream

Yes my sister has always been the force who has judged me although i love her unconitionally. Anyways I am healing after a long traumatic experience. Yes I am interested in crystals and am buying crystals you have suggested. I bought Amethyst Crystal Tumble Stone . I read it has healing power and safeguards one against psychic attack. The only quality which i did not like was it encourages selflessness I don't want that to happen. I am already not at all selfish. :) It will be delivered tomorrow.

Re: caterpillar killed in a dream

Hey, I am glad that the crystal is helping you :)

Just remember to cleanse it from time to time if you feel it heavy; or otherwise you can charge it with your energy and healing intentions. I do not think it can force you to do something you do not want to do. For example force you to be more selfless. I think it will just give you the clarity but if you are already a selfless person and you know it, then maybe you can learn to love yourself. To reach a point of balance.

I would not say there is something wrong with you. I mean, the way I see it, we all, or many of us at least, carry wounds from past traumatic experiences. Some more difficult than others. Or we carry insecurities or shadows or whatever. It is a very normal thing, that is the whole purpose of awakening and ascension; to let go of our shadows and become a higher version of ourselves. Most humanity is going through more or less similar processes. Just facing their truth, letting go, healing and reaching higher wisdom. Evolving as a whole.
So even if we are not perfect (we do not need to be), I do not see it as "something wrong with me/us".
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