How can I stop a particular person from entering my dream

Hi all,
I think someone knowingly enters my dreams to disturb me. I pray to archangel Micheal but if is there is any way I can stop someone from entering my dream. He does know astral projection and all that I am just a normal human being learning about life , but his visits haunts me. I am not friends with him and seeing his morality there is no chance too. So please help thanks in advance :sing

Re: How can I stop a particular person from entering my dream

Alive person. Yes he is trying to scare me. We were friends at some point of time but not anymore. The kind of morals that this guy used to follow were against my principles also I felt he lacked ethics and basic humanity . Humanity which every human being I suppose should have for another so I just cut off with him. As he was not going to change his practices. Yup in my dream he is trying to harm me physically. I would like to put a shield around me in dream plane please suggest how to do that.

Re: How can I stop a particular person from entering my dream

Ok so I am really not an expert on this. I am also in the learning process, but here are ideas I found which resonate with me. In the end, I am also leaving you a link for a protection video.

So first of all, it is good to try to keep our energy or vibration as high as possible. I know this can be hard sometimes but it is a good protection method; to empower yourself with positive ideas and to raise your energy levels so that your energy no longer matches with the low energy of the attacker.

You could also try visualizing in meditation a light shield around your aura and put your intentions of love and protection on it. I have not tried this but this could help if you like to meditate and visualize.

You can also ask for Divine protection from Spirit and/or loving angels (specially Michael). Just relax, try to connect to this energy and set your intention of protection as you feel necessary. You just have to call them and trust.

While you are getting the psychic attack, you can call the energy of Love. You can say in your consciousness that you call the energy of Universal Love to protect you or assist you in that process. I think low beings tend to leave you alone when you project this kind of love energy to them hehe Tell this low being that he is love, send him love and it will probably scare him away like a chicken hehehe

You could also use a labradorite crystal and program it for psychic protection. For this just get the crystal, hold it in your hand and stare at it for few seconds for connecting with it. Then just say mentally 3 times your intention for this crysal and either wear it or put it under your pillow while you sleep.

Finally, here is a video you can try to program your subconscious mind for your protection.

Note: I have not used this particular video myself, so please be aware of this, check it out if you like and see for yourself if you feel good about it or not. Check the comments, message the author if you want (I am not related to this video in any way and do not know the author of it).

Hope this can help you.
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