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"The Angry White Dude" Discusses "Diversity Training"

Quite UnPC you say -- hmmmmmmm i find it rather refreshing.  A rather sardonic and creative fellow is the AWD...

[font=Sintony, Arial, sans-serif]Dear AWD:  Every day I see Muslims around the world calling for Death to America and their religious leaders calling for the deaths of all Christians and Jews. They’re even killing Americans abroad and burning our embassies! That ain’t right! And I see more and more Muslim men wearing pajamas while putting their women in black tents walking around town. President Obama has taught me that Islam contributed greatly to America from the times of the Founding Fathers and I appreciate that, but I must admit it makes me angry to see billions of Muslims saying they want to kill me. I mean, I’m trying to embrace diversity but is it wrong to dislike someone who wants to kill me? Am I racist? Mike in Albuquerque[/font]
[font=Sintony, Arial, sans-serif]AWD:  Mike, yes, sad to say but you are a racist. Under the rules of diversity in America, you must never place your own desires or values above those of other cultures. Even if those cultures want to kill you. In fact, can you think of a better way to show your devotion to diversity than to be killed at the hands of those from foreign lands? Oh, you would be the pride of your local Democrat precinct if you are decapitated in the name of diversity by a Muslim freedom fighter! You’d be more popular than all the dead Democrat voters that don’t show up![/font]

[font=Sintony, Arial, sans-serif] ... te-dude-3/[/font]
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