Traveling when I'm sleeping

I've ever told a friend that I always feel exhausted, tired and hard to recover my energy even though I sleep 6~8 hours at night. I try some coffee, but I can still feel tiredness.
She said I was traveling to other places when I was sleeping, so I always feel tired. She is a spiritual therapist.

Have you heard this kind of idea? Is it possible to be true???

Sure, it can be true, especially if you are new to being released from your real Corporeal body.
In the beginning we seem to use more energy that is necessary. When I "go-out-traveling"
I sleep 1/2 an hour extra for every hour I'm out-there, and I go "out" often.

I like to use the Day Dream format to do my Out-of-Body explorations and I'll take naps. Using
the Remote Viewing mode takes the least amount of extra energy. Using the Astrol form takes
a bit more energy then RV, but not much more. To "go out" in Astral takes the most energy,
because you need to maintain it's solid form.

The activities your "Out-of-Body" form gets involved with makes a difference too. Just observing
uses less energy then making love, and that uses less energy then being involved in fighting
hand against hand, fighting in a war.

One incident in my "travels" I had spent time with a family of ancestors [30,000BC+-] and
participated in their 2 hour "Blessing-Of-The-Fields" ceremony. After the Blessing there was
a village celebration, and everyone was interested in meeting someone from their future.

I made sure to get extra sleep before hand, because this party could go on all night.This was a
picture-telepathic society, so I needed extra empathy shielding even as I controlled my thoughts.
The clothing to be warn was a floor length linen Tunic with stripes of the family color, and a wide
red leather belt around me and across my chest to support the short sword on my back. I planned
to manifested myself only as the upper half of my body, to conserve energy. I made no secret of
that fact. During the celebration, they danced a variety of the Shodish
[?sp?] very similar to a polka. My partners, ha,ha,ha, would reach down behind me to see where I
stopped being.. When I returned "Home" I slept for 10 hours.
in harmony,

Try & ground yourself a little that may help,
I also travel in my sleep alot, caused me problems for years from insomnia at a point I had to be medicated to absolute lethargy & exhaustion I've become ill from over sleeping, it's finding a balance with your waking & sleeping self.

If you ground & meditate a little more you may be able to stop 'wondering off' so much. :)

lv chel
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