A Young Actress With A Remarkable Frequency...

...just my POV re the frequency :) An interesting "case". I came across this young lady after "serendipitously" coming across this unusual story. She's the person on the far left. Reading her frequency from the photo it seemed to me to be unusually "potent"


I decided to review her "history" here


And, finally, to check out her "chart" -- i "channeled" :) her birth time. Those astrologically minded might agree that it is a rather "unusual" chart. I would presume that she is "at least" an Indigo, eh?


Any comments would be enjoyed...

Her mom's vibe isn't too bad, either -- but hardly like her's


Well, that was unexpected, I have been thinking much about frequencies, I find it very hard not to "oversense beyond the boundries" people, for now I just cant control it, I mean respect but well, dont. Its just like they are wearing a sign. :/ I bet some of you can relate

ps. very interesting as usual drakke1, two thumbs up.

edit. Yes, I notice the same thing. Strong focused vibration I guess. Very interesting indeed
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