one of the main points in the article is that humans have chronic health issues. I have to agree with this. Looking at the species we humans have bred away from the wild type genetic expression and comparing them it is obvious someone or something has messed with us humans. The evidence is that we use toilet paper products, here in N america anyways.
Nearly all wild species dont have a problem with cleanliness and bowel movements, the animals which do display this uncleanliness are in fact usually sickened in some way. In domesticated animals, within any decent breeding program, those specimens with dirty butts are considered less desirable, defective, and are culled from the possibility of passing this trait onward, though the more expensive the animal the less likely this is to happen...greed and economics are the enemy of good gene pools..and toilet paper is cheap at the moment...
i am like a particle floating on a wave traveling across a sea of awareness, looking within, i am everywhere, looking outward i see everything where ever i look. I am the Captain of my own experience, It has always been this way.

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