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A very beautiful and useful post. YES, there are Souls on this planet that are Starseeds (more correctly : they remember they are).
There is a wave of negativity rushing through this planet lately, so many in various spiritual forums feel it and post about it. It can really be like a tsunami crushing everything in its path, drowing Souls, carry them into dark waters.
We must remember we come from the stars, our Souls i mean. Long before this planet was even formed, we existed in the Cosmos. We must keep this link, this umbilical cord alive.
Yes, a peaceful force that needs not be explained by our 10% of conscious, it is not possible because the conscious doesn't have the processing capacity for it.
It is a matter of Awareness...just open up to the Universe and let it flow in :)

Re: Starseed Activation Process...

I looked a little bit into this, and while working on chakra's (what this website calls energy vortex) is never a bad thing,
working only a few of them can come with side effects too, just as a general precaution.

For example in this video it is the sacral and solar plexus you work on, and overactive shakra's can be the result.

Overactive sacral : very emotional (overreaction) Physical, mental and emotional tensions. Very emotionally attached to people or plans.
Overactive Solar plexus: Domineering, judgemental, perfectionist. Emotional outbursts (anger)

I have come to find out that any chaka meditatio can be done with an intent. (i.e healing, etc.)
So I would advise to do a full chakra activation/balancing meditation, and just state the intent you wish to achieve.

I have doubts about the website advice, not about starseeds.
I doubted putting it here but i felt precaution was in order because it can have adverse effects if some chaka's are more active then others.

just my 2-cents :)
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