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I don't know much about starseeds or indigos. I think we are all different and we all experience things differently. I just think about myself as a spiritual person but I don't label myself.

I think an awakening is to awaken to the fact that we are not just human but that we are in fact divine beings. I also think the only real power is love, all gifts come from love.

In the Greek language psychic means soul, for me personally that is what it is all about.

Just my opinions and some feedback :)

LOve cheeneka x

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Blue Dragon Soul wrote:Here are some videos that I very much enjoyed what they had to say. Would like to see what others thought as well...
Anarchist said the same about gov, and wars for countries and flags lol For communist & anarchist, this concept of nationalism always been seen as the root of division, and indocrtination, and killing people soul a bit like she says, instead of seing humanity as a whole and more looking in universal humanist science :D
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"When thier god and his exploiters cease to be adored and served, we shall live like comrades in mutual affection."[/font]


it's same for nations, countries, religion, same combat, and at the beginning of the century, religions and nations were still more or less one and same thing.

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I definitely know that the perpetual feelings of 'dejection/boredom with earth'  and this feeling like I 'want to go home' are strong enough in me to consider myself as 'not quite human' father has even stated to me that 'Son, sometimes I think you're an alien...even the way you express yourself seems odd...' that was odd of him to say, but I know he has a more 'conventional' personality; he'd rather go along and get along, than to understand himself...he fears introspection, and oddly enough, holds that practice in the charge of others observing his behavior...he relies on others to police his behavior, rather than being conscious and aware of himself to change for the better: I think anyone lacking profound introspective awareness is just fearful of discovering 'unsavory' facts/feelings about themselves, but I digress...

I do feel trapped in my body, and as if I need to get beyond it, if only to understand the truth of my energetic body and that of this energetic universe: I don't want to stay disembodied, but I want to discover the energy that is the connection between myself and that of the universe. I've even caught myself experiencing Freudian slips of the tongue saying things like 'These difficult/frustrating/short-sighted, or 'You odd; you turn away from each other when you are your sole source of comfort...' I do this almost ALL the's so odd, but I know there's a reason for it.

I've also read that there are Pleiadians, Maldekians, Reptilians, and many, MANY more alien species out there in the universe, after all, it's only sensible to believe that with all the space that comprises a universe that there would have to be more than one planet to have living conditions conducive to life...otherwise it would be nothing more than a waste of No my conclusion I suppose isn't based on empirical data (because there hasn't yet been any empirical data that we've found based on our current technological advances) that concretely proves the existence of alien life on other planets...but it doesn't seem sensible for some reason to discount the fact that alien life can or does exist...
When we stop letting things be what they are in their entirety we reduce them to our current scale of thought, and never learn what they can be, and we are exiled from the entirety of the universe by an act of our own will

Re: Videos I found very interesting...

Blue Dragon Soul wrote:Yesh I too use the human term toward others alot. And yesh I've been doing this for some time. And as for the aliens there has been told to be several races talked about. Thank you for replying on my post. You may connect with my other post about myself as well. I know how it feels to feel like a alien. ... 51408.html

There is my other posts link. :cutehugbeautiful blessings for a beautiful soul!
I've only rarely felt a post resonate so much. Those words "how it feels to feel like an alien" rung like a giant cosmic bell in my Soul, and i want to explore this further. Above and beyond any ego trips like "oooh yay i'm an alien i'm special and higher etc etc etc"....if we put aside our conditioned 3d self....what lies out there then ? If we fully embrace the concept of our spirits/intellugences/souls/whatever being alien despite what naysayers and self-appointed critics would say...what could this new vibration we then set free inside us do ?
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