Happy Very Much

So, I have been told who my father is. And my brother. And my family's tutor. Not the bodily ones. The ones from whom I come entirely. It was so soothing to find out! I was feeling very NOT FROM HERE and could NOT for the life of me figure out why.

So my father shows up and reminds me of home. My brother finally explained why he taught the Korean people agriculture, art, astronomy and many other things, but why he thought teaching people at that level of civilization BEAURACRACY! Apparently, my brother is a prankster. Hwanung. Remember that name. He will prank you. Just chatting with him made it quite clear that if it were him here now in a body he would be 100% frat-boy. He asked what a frat-boy was and did it involve soju (rice wine), I told him yes and he was all "I'm there!" Ooops. I love his guts, though. Good rememberies. So glad we weren't born on this plane together. Life would have been MUCH more trying.

I've known our family tutor (in this bodily expression) since 1986. :D Now I know who he is and we've been having a wonderful time reminiscing. I am finding I miss my old rooms at home. There is now something like a political map of this section of the universe in my head. No wonder Father doesn't get involved in human matters much. He's somewhat important, but under a master, himself. :D Good people, not those intent on destruction and disharmony.

Awesome positive weird for the day: I saw my therapist, because, unsurprisingly, I have diagnoses because humans can't handle unexpected variations in reality. I sat him down and asked him, "Do you want to know how I experience my day? What is going on in this presumably empty room that you are perceiving as silent?" He actually said that would be cool.

First off, I told him his efforts at self control and the fact he was working hard at being open-minded and praised him for that. I also told him if there were anything in his energy that suggested an unwillingness to learn, I wouldn't be talking about this at all. So I told him about the various energy fields that make sounds running through the building (electrical wiring and lights), the earth's energy under the building which makes a different, more musical sound. Also, the trees near the office we were in were having a gossip session and discussing the fact an acquaintance of theirs was in ill health. There was more. I told him precisely what my father's job is. And what that meant for me job-wise. He asked if I attached any particular importance to that information. I told him that doing so was not in my nature. I don't want anyone attaching crazy ideas to me and what I share with folks. He was really pleased. He asked me what my job is. I told him.

He told me if HE had to deal with being aware of things in the same way, he'd probably be much less well adjusted and sane than I am. He told me that it was clear to him there wasn't so much a pathology as a way of being in the world that the dominant culture clearly does NOT comprehend. Interesting.

Thanks for listening.

I'm glad to hear you find out those things. I'm sure it was extremely pleasing to find out who these people were and to be told who your father, brother and family tutor is.
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