Been seeing some "beings" 3 of particular note, not entirely hostile but cautious.

So, I was at this airport the other day, and I am not entirely sure but as I closed my eyes it felt "very distorted" yet powerful (sorta like getting hit lighly on the head, seeing "flash" of discord), I'm guessing not entirely hostile but cautious, I think it commanded something else to try and "walk-into" me, but about this im not entirely sure, felt like an arcon or draconian perhaps, I tried and tell it I meant it no harm and respectfully went on with my journey, actually I tried showing no fear and be nice to "her".

Next one I saw a few days later was a "emerald blue one" with an open third eye, she was beutiful but I'm sort of concerned since the "dark elves", the "shaitans"(type of djinn), el(f)uhim (gods of the blood?) and annunaki are blue/dark (I think all of those beings are different names for the same-ish thing) , I felt only "watching", I showed it my respect and tried to ask its intent with no awail. I felt no hostile intent, I do think I should be careful of course. I do not think it was any of those things though to be honest, I think it was like "kali" but not holding a skull or anything sinister about it I percieved. Best pic I could find.
8 arms and everything.
The very next day I saw a "white luminous" version, 8 arms like a shiva maybe?

For some reason I do not feel afraid, though some friends tell me I really should be. Can anybody help me on this with their expertiese. I know no hindu or anyone that I know can help with this :/

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