Asymmetrical Face Phenomenon

So the other day I asked my spirit guide why one of my eyes is bigger than the other ;).

He said it's because each side of your face represents two sides of you. Basically if you balance out those two sides of you, you can make your face symmetrical. What do you guys think about this?

Also, this is a really interesting site that teaches you face reading: ... ding/1279/ According to that, I have a Metal Face and the description of personality is quite accurate for me.

Bethany Schiller wrote:I don't think so. Nowhere on the body is symmetrical it's not spiritual it's science.
Yeah but since when is spirituality excluded from science? They are both connected...

In fact they are both the same. One uses facts to understand existence, the other uses belief to understand existence.

Your body is connected to your spirit and vice versa!

Hi all. If you hold a rectangular mirror up to the middle of your face,
in front of another full face mirror, your face will look like a relative.
You hold the mirror to the other side of your face and you will recognize
the face of another relative.
So, I guess it is just a matter of genetics.
or . . . . . A discovery I made
following the pre-birth
development'of two sons
using my RV psi-ability.
When they were in the womb, their first 4 months of development
was monitored-directed by a near relative who had passed on.
Their last 5 months, their development was guided by another relative.
The mirror reflection technique showed the face of each of their "supervisors".
Fun discovery eh?
in harmony,
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