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[FONT=verdana]First, Imma tell a little about myself. I've always been very interested in space and the planets and stars and also aliens and astrology and the wonders and mysteries of the universe since I was little. I always loved to read in the astrology book my mother had. I've had something weird happen to me when I was 7 and I can't seem to find a answer as to what had happened. I've posted a thread about it on here and someone said on here that it was an abduction but I dunno if that's true. And I've also randomly astral traveled and have lucid and vivid dreams almost every night. But anyways, I'm basically a loner. I literally have only 1 friend because I connect with her on a soul level. We're almost like twins. I also don't like to follow any trends. I don't understand religion at all. I'm always the odd one out. I just never fitted in at school or anywhere but I'm fine with that. I like being alone and different and not having to worry about a relationship or anything.. Stuff like that doesn't interest me. I feel and act way older than my age being 15 turning 16 on October 27th but again I don't feel any age at all if that makes sense. Like it's irrelevant for me to be any age. But I want to know if I have anything in my birth chart that shows that I might be a starseed. I know that only I can say if I am or not but I feel I have lived on other planets other than earth. I just like a confirmation.

Sun Scorpio 4.24
Moon Capricorn 28.49
Mercury Scorpio 23.42
Venus Scorpio 3.51
Mars Virgo 12.24
Jupiter Pisces 18.38 R
Saturn Aries 29.49 R
Uranus Aquarius 8.51
Neptune Capricorn 29.29
Pluto Sagittarius 6.42
Lilith Scorpio 5.24
Asc node Leo 28.53

II Taurus 28.51
III Gemini 23.24
IV Cancer 15.50
V Leo 10.36
VI Virgo 12.46
VII Libra 25.56
VIII Scorpio 28.51
IX Sagittarius 23.24
Midheaven Capricorn 15.50
XI Aquarius 10.36
XII Pisces 12.46[/FONT]


Attuned you can learn things that others find difficult to understand. Your soul is able to travel when your
body is at rest. You have prophetic and psychic dreams that guide you and others. You a loner because you love peace of mind that helps you grow as your enlightenment period is entering into you from the stars. Listen to your mind and reason with yourself. Keep all positive things in your life and the negative away. Keep sweet smelling plants and beautiful crystals in your presence and your room. In nature there are tools for you to use that will help you to understand yourself better. You will be guided to everything you need to do so. your life will be almost like its not real because things will happen for you in your favor as long as your actions are positive. Be a good listener so you can hear what every person that has been sent to you is trying to tell you. Everyone has a message that you can use and will possibly use sometime in your life. If you feel bad at any time then let nature cheer you up. There is energy in everything, positive and negative. find the positive and attach it to you. you are very gifted.

Life007 is right, I am for the most part like this aswell, I advice you to... take his advice :) . I carry around crystals, scent my room with oils and whatnot, I sometimes joke about my room now smelling like a temple/asian massage parlor x), if you dont mind what people think (which you pretty much said you dont in your message) I highly recommend it, my head got clearer and my focus is getting clearer by the minute.

Ps, you are very gifted, you will learn to appreciate that as a blessing not a curse in time, but only if that is your goal

I mean that I can see by the way you express yourself that you can catch on to anything
that you put your mind to. Everyone is not like that. I see that you can bring yourself to
an understanding of any type by exploring that topic. To have an interest in your surroundings
and the universe shows that you are a blessed soul and that you are being guided to the truth
about what life really is and what part humanity was designed to play in it.
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