Channeling Energy And Healing Others

I had not seen my dad in some weeks as I was focusing on other things in my life which I must sort out.
However, we had been talking about me going there for a visit soon and us seeing each other.

One evening, I had a conversation with my brother who told me that I should go there for a visit as soon as possible since my dad had been very sick in the last days. He hadnt been able to eat anything in several days, was very weak and saying he thought he was going to die. I did not know he was so sick and I got worried about the situation and I told my brother I would go visit the next day.

After some minutes I calmed down and decided to try to help my dad...

So I first raised my own energy by listening to beautiful spiritual and uplifting music for some time.
I felt much better after some time and when I was more relaxed and feeling calm I started to meditate for about 6 or 7 minutes.

I connected with the spiritual/universal energy and set clearly and strongly in my mind that I was sending vital and balanced energy to my dad and that it was meant to heal him and to energize him.

As I meditated and visualized energy emanating from me and sending it to my dad, I connected with his energy at one point and could perceive a cold, heavy, lifeless energy. It felt as if it was the energy of someone who is about to die. Very cold, very weak, that is how it felt.

I continued meditating with the strong mental intention of sending him vital energy for some more minutes and then I stopped.

Next morning, I asked my brother how my dad was doing.

My brother told me that my dad was much better and that he woke up feeling very surprised because he just felt fine again out of nowhere.
He was able to eat lunch again for the first time in several days, was feeling much better and more recovered.

I visited them and we had lunch and a nice conversation together. He said he knew he would be fully recovered next day.

I told him about my meditation. I did not care if he believed me or not, I just told him what I did. He told me it had worked and thanked me for it.
At first he thanked God for what he thought was a miracle from God :)

My dad tends to be skeptical with these "mystic" things.

A touching and empowering experience for us.
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