Does anyone pick up on anything to do with this....

[h=2]HELP to find missing girls in Nigeria![/h]I assume those you that follows the news knows of this horrible act caused my wicked souls, if not there is a link down under and read the news there.

Can anyone use their psychic abilities to find these lost girls

Why are we here if not for changes?


From this IS post - ... n-Nigeria!

{I think it should be here}

Your wasting your time with those monster.

They are not doing to help.
All they will do is make excuses for there miss-fortune.
Claiming there getting what they deserve that it a good learning experience for them.
That it all about karma.

I ask for help for my situation and not a soul care.
They only consider it as a game.

This world consider victim as the bad people.

the one thing i think will occur, as is being mentioned on many other sites / news, is that the true issues in Nigeria will come forth....the real source of issues....Something was mentioned in the news years ago about government corruption, behind why food aid wasn't getting to the people....I've also come across other news saying they aren't missing, & its a conspiracy....not sure....and yet from this event, other things about the area are coming to light....but the one thing of interest, like the missing plane, is that this was? mentioned in a web bot report {prophecy}.....

Human Rights Issues in Nigeria {article - wiki} - that perhaps the govt doesn't do anything, because then they'd have to air their own dirty laundry?

Its this group, boko haram, that is behind the kidnapping?

But i see what others mean, by believing nothing will happen, because since the school thing, there has been more massacres, that no one is talking about. But perhaps "asking the world" for help about the girls, will bring aid to deal with the real issues?

As long as human justify the wicked deeds of other nothing will change

As long as they blind themselves of what happening nothing will change.

As long as they play that whole unconditioned love nothing will change.

(they claim to love and forgive wicked deeds)
(at the same time they claim to hate and hold the victim responsible for those deeds)
(they claim there no victim that they do it to themselves that it the victim that are responsibly for all the evil in the world)

Unless human change there twisted mind set nothing will change.

It be nice if humans had compassion and will help other.
Yet it not in human nature.
(i know from experience from many years of seeking help and seeing what i have.)
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