The Sun's Vow

Speak not of your ignorance my love
I will not make a promise,
For I am the Almighty Sun
What you do today may change it's course
As seasons turn, and moon wanes

I will not make a promise I can't keep!
Your guilty love wishes to be slain
Ignorance in sleep is what you are
You don't even know what it is you speak of
So shut your promising mouth
Passion comes and goes,
Life changes like the wind

What you really ask of me, is to bind me
That's all your vows are: chains and locks
If we are all connected like you say
Then take the good with bad and do not blame

All that I know,
I accumulated through pain
Renigged vows is for the slain
You just want to stop the evolution
You just wanna reign

My love, you listened to the lies
and now you are just nuts
There is no room for logic
When you vow so much with buts

McDonalds beats your Burger King all the time. Haven't you figured that out yet?
Stay here and revolve around me like Pluto, and Jupiter, and all the other planets who live by my rule.

LOl, things men do when they have a bug in their ear.

its infuriating, provoking, agressive, unchanging.

The vow doesnt reject her, it deals with her, it says accept me unconditionally from that higher place, it shows the work that he is looking at her and seeing the imperfections, beginning the relating in the relationship. It is in the moment, and i suspect somewhat humor is veiled too, nuts are good aren't they? Fruit of the tree? LOL

she run off an took our only chicken...when I made bail the house was burnt an bare..the japs moved the plant back to osaki...some days life jus don't seem that fair I don't care some days like just don't seem that fair
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