I got a name.. What's next?

Hi all,

I've been away for quite a long time so I'll reintroduce myself in short:

I'm a 25 y/o male from the Netherlands. My hobbies are mainly creative -> making music, drawing, etc
The idea that I might be an indigo came years ago and I've sort of accepted that as a personal truth although
I haven't really gotten any full on confirmation experience to support that. I'm a Libra and deeply intimate type of guy.
I'm also someone who gives people around me care and comfort before anything else. My first instincts are to face the negatives and injustices
and take them on, which turned me to the "am i an indigo?"-search in the past.

I hope to meet some nice new folk here again!

So now for my questions.

I was lying in my bed two days ago, almost falling asleep. I asked "Who is my counsellor?"
The answer I got was both in voice and in text: "Ramiel"
The vocal part was kind of vague, like it could have been the sound of my own thoughts, the text was much clearer.
Never heard of anyone named Ramiel.

So yesterday I did what every responsible human should do in such a case: google it.
I found it's an archangel that is mentioned in multiple scriptures, but not very much is to be found about him online.
Now I could go and read the whole '1 Enoch' book which is probably very riddly and difficult to comprehend, or I could find other means
to find out who this dude is. (or gal, as I understand he appears as female in the role of joy for women)

Am I correct that this might be a good entrypoint for me to start walking the channeling path?

And how would you guys advice me to advance carefully and awesomely?

Thanks, and have a great day people!

P.s.: If anyone has more inside info on who Ramiel is, to share it would be much appreciated ;)

When I'm about to have a bad day, Gabriel and Michael will stand next to me. One on each side of me. I know when I see them standing there it is going to be an interesting day. Signs in nature that they leave me are long feathers stinking in the ground. I walk a path and there have been times I walk the path and on. The way back to the house there are the feathers usually five . They weren't there before, but on the way back they are there. I analyze every thing so I look for footprints to see if there was someone that put them there. It kind of unsettled me at first, but when I found feathers at work too I just knew it was their way of saying we are here when you need us. It's so peaceful having them with me.

I've met some of the arch angels, mostly Metatron, and when he first told me his name I was like, "what??? That's a weird name man, don't you mean Megatron?" LOL!
So I have very little knowledge about the arch angels and I am pretty clueless about who or what they are but Ramiel is familiar to me.

The best way for you to find information about him is to ask him. If you could ask him his name, you should be able to ask him anything. Chanelling or telepathic communication, whatever you call it.

If you ask him lots of information, it's always good to scribe it down in case you forget afterwards.

Really no sense in being careful, as long as you remember you are all powerful and are the only one in control of yourself, nothing will hurt you.

But the arch angels are good at helping you cleanse your environment too.

thanks! I have an appointment with a woman who does angel-therapy coming week. she'll be able to help me out further practically. My ratio is pretty strong, so I'm having a hard time believing it is communication from another consciousness, rather than my own imagination.. We shall see where this ship sails.
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