Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

It is good that you persist in helping people to open their minds.
Sometimes I feel like society as a whole is still in the process of leaving the dark ages behind and embracing some new light when it comes to understanding life, creation, existence... And all in between.
Still to this day, after we have all this modern and ancient cultural, scientific and spiritual wisdom from all over the world and from all different times, we still deny anything we cannot understand. We deny and make fun of anything which is different from the norm, different from what we are taught as society, which is very limiting.
A Soul who believes in the expansion of consciousness, in inner light and power, in freedom and authenticity, in happiness, in following dreams instead of turning into a slave for the system... Then this Soul is seen as a delusional drug addict.

People who step outside the norm are usually seen as mentally ill and as "threats". I believe that some "mental illnesses" are simply a particular personality with a particular way of seeing life. The biggest delusion we can have is to pretend to box all people in a single standard of life, all with same ideas and ideals, all accepting what is being told without question. All learning the same obsolete "facts" and suppressing all creativity. Innovation alone is one of the most powerful tools for evolution and it comes from out-of-the-box-thinkers.

There are other mental illnesses, which are un-resolved childhood traumas in most cases. Some other cases are derived from deep traumas in adult life (like going to war and killing people you dont know for example).

And then, you have the "accepted mental illness" which is the suppressive collective reality we, as a whole, have created. Perhaps the biggest mental illness comes from the very same social system which is considered "normal and healthy". A system which is full of illusions and which is starting to fall apart because of how un-balanced it is.

New light is rising though, and guess what: It is rising from the people who are mostly considered insane: the ones who dare to fight for their dreams and who have the courage to speak out their inner truth.

Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

Yes and I am just a person with no psychiatric diagnosis, an artist and art therapist by degree, posting an article I thought was important and these mothers, who you would think would want positive info about autism, instead said I was harming their children by implying they could have special abilities !?

Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

Luminous wrote:
Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:53 pm
Yes and I am just a person with no psychiatric diagnosis, an artist and art therapist by degree, posting an article I thought was important and these mothers, who you would think would want positive info about autism, instead said I was harming their children by implying they could have special abilities !?
Just because something is "positive info" doesn't mean it's right. There isn't any evidence that proves telepathy in Autism and all the claims to the contrary is pseudoscience. This gives people false hope, that's why they are offended. Stuff like this is what turns people away from New Age and makes people think they are all quacks and fluffbunnies. "This feels good and 'resonates' with me, so it must be true. Anyone that says otherwise isn't "awoken" or lives in the "dark ages".

Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't listen to your "soul" on things, but there is a limit to it. Just blindly believing everything you read about is a bad thing. I thoroughly read the article and it's sources and even it's source's sources.

Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

Well guess what Mangy:

I just found several well researched articles about the topic. I will open with this youtube video one entitled "Telepathy Project with non-verbal autistics children DEBUNKS skeptics":

Here are more, like this one:

and this one which contains a great quote
(the quote): "Experiments like these have been subject to ridicule, but for no good reason. Internationally recognized scientists are constantly coming together to stress the importance of what is still commonly overlooked in the mainstream scientific community — the fact that matter (protons, electrons, photons, anything that has a mass) is not the only reality. We wish to understand the nature of our reality, but how can we do so if we are continually examining only physical systems? What about the role of non-physical systems, such as consciousness, or their interaction with physical systems (matter)?

Our modern day scientific methods are built upon the idea that we live in a completely material, physical world. This scientific point of view has obviously played an important role in shaping our understanding of reality, but at the same time it’s completely dominated mainstream academia. As a result, the scientific study and attention material phenomena deserve has been greatly hampered, and the scientific study of the mind continues to go neglected.

Our current scientific parameters have assisted us, but we are reaching a point where we must expand those parameters, and accept that it’s time to usher in the age of non-material science. The implications of this field are huge, but new discoveries bring with them the worry of what human beings will do with them. How we use our technology needs to change, and that can only occur if we open our minds up to a different view about the true nature of our reality."

Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

And P.S. Red Violet: I forgot to mention the incredible irony that a passionately anti-psychiatry psychologist acquaintance of mine, who has published several books on anti-psychiatry, was my worst critic (! ) and was one of those who humiliated me publicly regarding that first article I posted on Facebook!

But now I have several articles that are well researched to show him his error...! ! ! (See article links just posted in response to Mangy)

Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

I do agree that sometimes it is not good to blindly believe in everything that we are told or anything that "resonates" with us. A part of this information is truthful, but another part is illusional. We have parts of truth and parts of illusion so it is good to know that we are not always right. Sometimes we learn new things and sometimes we find out that what we thought was real, is not. Its ok.

However, I may be wrong of course, but I do see a strong trend in the scientific and extremely logical people to deny everything that they cannot see or understand. Talk to them about anything esoteric, inner power, law of attraction, spirits, ghosts, alien civilizations, etc and they just deny it all. Not everyone, some people are in the middle. But a lot of people deny everything that their eyes cannot see. Is this not illusional too though?

I believe its good to reach a point of balance and to be open minded, to take information with a bit of "salt". But I also believe one of the most important things in life is to be able to trust yourself and your instincts, again, knowing that you may be wrong sometimes.

In my opinion, scientists should not claim to know the absolute truth on everything because they themselves have also been proven wrong sometimes in the past. They are human and their research and observations are human, subject to illusions as well. They make experiments, observations and get their conclusions. All this is human, prone to mistakes. Life itself is not so different from that. When a person is gaining inner wisdom, something similar happens: There are experiments: Life experiences, actions and their results - There are observations: Our perception on life and things - There are conclusions: We get conclusions and apply them as inner knowledge, the idea of reality and of ourselves.

In both cases we are prone to make mistakes.

In my opinion, the most risky mistake may be to put all your faith on the scientific information that is given to us, without questioning any of it. That is what I call being narrow minded. That is what I call to live inside a box created by others. A free thinker is a free thinker.

Most of the information which is provided to us as the truth is manipulated by beings who are not interested in the well-being of humanity. This is the information that a lot of people blindly believe in and the result is an un-balanced society which lacks happiness, freedom of being and authenticity. Some became robots for the system. And if you tell them that they have the inner potential to break free and to authentic, then they will call you delusional, a dreamer, naive or stupid.

Not everyone is the same, specially now during these times we are living in. But this is my perception about a lot of people.

I do know that science has left value, specially in technology. The value is there and its good their effort in improving society in some ways (but also using science and technology to destroy the planet along with ourselves as well). But it has its flaws, just like many other entities.

Eventually we will see that there is too much out there for us to learn. There is too much that we dont know, that we dont understand and that still is real and is happening. Eventually we will break the egg and see new light that we didnt know existed.

Re: telepathy in autism - Why not?

Nice article Luminous, thank you for making that contribution to the world.

i want you to know that there were some operators using autistic spectrum people for nefarious and or dangerous situations because of their inability to communicate verbally. Surely it's easy to imagine a few other reasons too.
The suggestion that they have ability for silent communication puts them at risk. So there is a double edged sword here, suppressing that information allows relative safety, but facilitates the questionable operations. Bringing the information to light could cost lives where secrets are kept well, but opens up the pathway to ending that abuse on autistic persons.

another motive for the abuse heaped upon you is that it is in the interests of many parents to not want to attract any more unusual attention to themselves. Social status and the hierarchy of things... it makes it harder to go out and socialize, some of them are experiencing a sense of failure over their own offspring (When the real fail is feeling that validated feeling) in the eyes of their chosen peer group.

Great work! Tough job too!
you have my respect.
Thanks again.
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