You crack me up!
I am a girl,well woman really. You are right,it is hard to tell,huh?
Sometimes I think the more aggressive replies are guys,but not always. Know what I mean?
You have such a great sense of humor and you post on interesting and diverse threads. Cool.

[QUOTE=Veisha;503280][FONT=Book Antiqua]I found another part of the legend, it's in polish, but I will translate the best I can:

When the Earth is ill
When all wild animals disappear
There will come a tribe
of people from all cultures
They believe in acts not words
They will make the Earth anew
The tribe will be called
Warriors of the Rainbow


This gave me chills. I had a really vivid dream some years ago about the earth changing and going up against some force with a large group of other people. We went through a battle for the earth and in the very end, we gathered at the top of a huge hill. We were so happy and there was such a joyful feeling everywhere, because we had succeeded. The thing that stood out the most was the rainbows that filled the air. They were the most beautiful I have ever seen...every one touching the next.

You're referring to the Generals of Heaven. Their living in human bodies. Read about the 3 kingdoms period, aka Dynasty Warriors, for more info.

In reality, though there will be thousands of humans undergoing apotheosis in preparation for this glorious fight. This will go down in the next few weeks. Gods, godesses, archangels, fairies, elves, etc. The armies of the universe will descend upon Earth to crush evil. This will be a swift victory for the light.

Read the book the Hero With a Thousand Faces by Jospeph Campbell if you're super curious.

yes, 13's significance is 12+1. 12 the perfectly balanced number, with 1 more, the 1 being the connection of the twelve (a leader, a guide, a parent, or a combination of the 12?).

Okay so I'm just going to play along and see how I fit into this: I could care less(but I do a little ;)) but I think it's helpful that I share what I know. If it's wrong, it's wrong, if it's right, it's right; bottom line: it is what it is(regarding all things). Judge not and ye will not be judged. :)

(feels weird writing all of this)

6 males

6 females

(probably divided this way)

THE RELIGIONS DON'T MATTER, it's THE REGIONS in which they are from. This can mean where they are born, or where their ANCESTORS are born from.(English, Arabic, Indonesian etc) Perhaps we represent different religions as well, I'm pretty positive I was Persian in a past life, Zoroastrian quite possibly(still quite early).

Some will be young, some will be a bit more aged like fine wine. ;)

"The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts."=the thirteenth, all of them together...like the anime Ronin Warriors: they are better together.

I have a small crystal skull and two crystals which've stayed long with the Crystal Skull: Synergy. Synergy would be the 12th(the glue that connects them all together), and I think I have a chance of being the 12th of the warriors(I connect people together). ;)

What I want to do=unite humanity into world peace.

My birthday was 12/1/1992. I turn 20 this year! :D Methinks that my having Synergy's energy is no coincidence...it's rapidly accelerated my growth. My lineage is of English knights, at least 5 direct grandparents, my 22nd Great Grandfather(direct)=Geoffrey Chaucer.(idk why speaking this feels important). My last name is Foster=Caretaker/protector(and of the 12th month, I am the first).

My best friend(lives down the street) is Arabic/Lebanese in origin...I've witnessed him levitate when we were 14(I could not see him, but I felt it/heard him drop...it was necessary to happen this way so I could "believe" and he's bent spoons many a time in front of me...we used to roll a ball back and forth across the room without touching it as children, no practice on my part). He would fit the bill if there is any truth to this prophecy. (admittedly trying to make this fit, just to see: objectively as much as I may).

Methinks that the 12 warriors are spread out/born across regions(OR their LINEAGE) if there is truth to this.

Myself: I've already tapped into Kundalini energy and can use it at will. I represent Fire as an element, and initially awoke as Atar(of Zoroastrian)...just saying. It was a helpful identity to increase my awakening, regardless. I have a whole thread dedicated to my awakening dubbed "extreme psychic attack: defense method help" from late July. That's what happened to me when I awoke...I awoke ready for WAR. XD Which really boils down to: love one another, that's the battle to come. It's a love-war. ;)

I'm totally cool with dropping absolutely all of this identity, I am merely stating facts/observations. I do not wish to lead or misguide others: so don't think that. I REALLLYYY DON'T want to. But I HAVE TO pipe up here, or I'm just not doing myself justice.

Anyways: that's my 3 cents!

Have fun playing around with those ideas...I think more than one of the 12 (if here) has posted on this thread already.

Ja ne(Later!)

P.S.: To reiterate: I don't want to misguide or lead any into delusion...my awakening has been OVERTLY rough, however...and I possess much willpower in whatsoever I may do. Feel free to hit me up/pick my brain apart. Lol. But my role as far as I know it is to merge dualities into unity...that's what I strongly feel. In Crowley's works, I resonate with Horus and Ra and am likely Heru-ra-ha! Just throwing it out there...I've had enough dark days/channeled enough beings to throw it out there, finally!

I gift this information! Have fun.

Peace world. ;)

P.P.S.: I don't think the crystals are the important part, it's the humans that are...but since I have been drawn to Synergy, perhaps there is some truth to it.

Again I reiterate: I am prepared to drop all of this information and move on with my life at any time...I've been there/done that enough to be able to hold onto identities and drop them like a hat. My mind has become hardened through this process...I feel like every person ever combined! I have many souls as spirit guides and can channel just about anyone. ;) Aleister Crowley has been overseeing a lot of this, and yes he is a "bad guy" but he's a helpful one. Just throwing everything out there: have fun!

I want to see everyone as equals and I don't want ANY delusion of grandeur or whatever, I keep trying to be a "normal dude" but my kundalini energy/divine will won't allow it! I'm here. Sup!

No one is normal, EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT. WE're all in this together, in order to form "THIS"=world peace. That's all I want...

I spent my whole life worrying about others, and now I am finally taking care of myself...I dropped to the point of emaciation worrying about everything...I had a "psych-break" recently and I'm still saying the same things in the end.

Do what thou wilt.

Love one another.

Be mindful of the wake we create.


as far as i know this is the Inka prophecy as well.

6 males and 6 females, perfect healers of the 5th level according to the andean religious tradition will meet each at some places in Peru in order to go to Tiahuanaco, at the temple of Sun.
they will all together "welcome" the return of the first Inka, Sapa Inka :D and his wife, healers of the 6th level.

Talking to my helping spirit Fyuzon previously, I remember one topic being about me receiving him as a gift, but there were others of different types.

Also, 13 as seen by 12 and +1, could mean 12 people that come together as one. Also, it could mean 12 people and 1 more to unite them.

As for the lake mentioned, that could be a symbol for another place, one the Mayan's couldn't describe.

The skulls would represent body/mind/energy, and the religion represents personality/aura/background/experience/etc.

Native American Prophecy (many tribes detail similar prophecies all about this one tribe):

The Sun rose on a magical new day.
Over the whole Earth, they came.
The people of every color....Sister, Brother, Father, and Mother,
traveling over many a land.

People of the Rainbow, Children of the Way, with a fresh glow,
finding their way, the star within.

More and more they joined. A song for the soul.
A new way to live and a new way to see.
It happened this way...and a new song, it came from within.

If you can find the Star within, then you will find what is,
what was, and what will be...
You see it happened this way, from within....

The People of the Way. The Rainbow Tribe.

The internet is a lake in which we are all meeting, it's hard to describe for Mayans(or whoever), no?

WE collect here/there/everywhere.

Beacon! :D


When I had a breakdown, I said I was a protector of "The Way"...that makes the rainbow tribe that much more interesting to me. I remember saying "The Way is my job!", lol! It was very intense times for me/a lot going on...I'll share more as time passes. :)

If we all converge to create a 13th, I am like the Red guy from Ronin Warriors! (LOL, I WILL use anime as a comparison to reality).
Awesome show for those who never watched it. ;)

Peace/Love to ALL.



P.S.: Rofl, I hope this doesn't take away some seriousness of what's being said, but eh, I don't take life itself so serious...Bob Marley's taught me a lot. I can be in a good mood at the same time as being like "purge evil!!!" save the world! :D

Time to:


(lol, I don't need smoke for that, btw).

Haha, take it easy all.



i am 1,
you are 2
we can be 3
but square at 4
number prime on 5
yet Christ bells ring on 6
bringing forth a world with 7
--edit-- I had forgotten great 8
we all prance and cheer for cloud 9
righteous energy spawning above user 10
we will always remember the time of ever when 11
come home to the glory of 7; ring bells, cry cheers for 12
under the sun, we ride our dragons, high above in light of our 13


I just couldn't stay silent after reading more of what you all wrote in this forum, there are many very similar things about what you are writing, and about things told me by higher spirits, well first thing is that high spirits named me Golden Warrior, they named me like that a half and a year ago, they are always telling me about a time when spiritaul humans will have to help the planet, but all of them will be incarnated to human bodies, because humanity must choose for her future and work for it very hard, higher spirits or good aliens races can only help somehow but they wont do the job that we need to do, we must become stornger in spirituality and in everyway to change everything to better place, peace be upon you :) .

woohoo! hello golden, im rain arc(rainbow:/) call me john though. peace be upon you as well:)

fluid.. or time.

they tell me i stop and start things. of course i knew that. 2 days and i'll be fine :)

Sounds like these 13 spirits need to find each and get a move on. TIMES WASTING. It really does sound like some vast tale, but I'm starting to notice patterns with the number 13 and I have also heard a similar story about 13 warriors and how it is high time to take their place in roles of leadership. It would be very nice if we knew who they were.

Regardless of anything:

Just follow your heart(as an individual), and align with your Divine Will(imo, it's there): and all is well.

Tip: don't attach to an outcome=everything is peachy always.


It is what it is, whatever happens, happens!

So basically: follow your heart/dreams=success!

Life is simple! Keep it that way. :)

Don't need a number or anything to make it happen(that seems limiting)(global peace being "it", a major aspiration of mine): just need more people acting upon "what they feel is right".

Don't create an action based out of aversion, grab life by the horns!

Methinks there is a reason for everything(well duh, a cause) and that teamwork will be required on multiple levels to achieve something as grand as world peace...gonna need thousands upon thousands(millions, likely) of major badasses to make that happen...and I've got good vibes that it's totally doable! We all want something better(it's called growth)...plants always grow closer and closer to the light, but at the same time...have to TAKE time to just enjoy the moment, the simplicity. Live in the moment! Seize the day! I think something that everyone on Earth shares in common: is that we're all tough to some degree...just living here=painful. I want to alleviate that pain(for myself and others) so life is not "more bearable" but ENJOYABLE, and FRESH. We all just needed a major kick in the ass of some form to make it happen...I'll bet everyone who's "awakening" had some sort of life-altering experience that really made them question what is(well, I can only speak for myself: just an inference!) and what "ought to be". WE hold the power to change the world we live in, ALL of us, so do what feels right, all!!!

Super-deja vu.


P.S.: The core message: work together!!! WE have more power in numbers...group up and make shit happen. It all starts once we just start being nice to one another, and judge not! Life is one big confusing super-puzzle if you look at it like that...gotta back off, take a breather and RELAX. :D Most people I meet=uptight about something...just need to take a load off for once, and say: "fuck it! I want to be happy."

"Peace begins with a smile."-Mother Theresa


^Your absolutely right..ok here's the plan.

We need people who are knowledgeable in construction/welding so we can build things.

Someone who knows law, people who know how grow flora, meta physicist, as well as other things to establish a colony. First things first, lets get that school of the gifted built!

lol. i'm down. you're in florida? there's so much free range in the pacific bro. try a new one. i was gonna start with some boats and what not. just keep pilling scrap and etc. and just build a floating harbour, THEN work on the real deal

Methinks the biggest problems for people in general: lie internal.

Religions, etc, pull people apart: I want to drag em back down together...find the common thread between the religions(or what ought to be)=Love one another.

[FONT=Lucida Grande]Prior to the 1800's, about 2000 years before, there came to the Smokey Mountains a teacher revered among the Tsalagi as the Pale One. The Pale One rekindled the sacred fires and reaffirmed to the people the basic principles of creation. In the northeast there came also a teacher, called the Peacemaker who was a great magician. He put forth principles of peace that informed the spiritual life and government of all the Eastern Nations of North America. The teachings express Caretaker Mind, planting seeds of good cause.[/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Grande]The Seven Reminders of the Pale One:[/FONT]
  1. What walks, crawls, swims, flies or creeps is in relationship, and the mountains, streams and valleys are in relation to your thought.
  2. What occurs around you and within you is a reflection of your thought. The thought world is Oungaawi, Realm of Pure Light.
  3. Three principles of consciousness:
[FONT=Lucida Grande]a. Will to see the Mystery as it is;[/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Grande]b. Intention to manifest one's purpose for the benefit of all, oneself and others.[/FONT]
[FONT=Lucida Grande]c. Willingness to be courageous, to do what must be done.[/FONT]
  1. Generosity of heart and action.
  2. Respect for elders, clan, land and nation.
  3. Consideration of the needs of the nation, and actions that benefit the people unto seven generations.
  4. To be in good relation. (Then one experiences the Mystery of emptiness.)
[FONT=Lucida Grande]These Seven Reminders are offered to Circles as a guide for maintaining right relationship with all our relations including the circle visitors, other circle members, and the land.

[FONT=Lucida Grande][FONT=arial]So I basically want to spread this around again...teach simplicity/care for the next 7 generations of humans: which sounds vital to progression as a species if humanity is to survive...methinks people are smart enough now to finally listen. It's never too late to turn around a problem...humanity perseveres. Lol we're like cockroaches in that respect(in many ways)

Greed, lust, and general disharmony run amok throughout the world...

We must pull the weeds from their roots, which is internal: we must become "better people", "more good" if we are to change.

This means to insult not, for insulting another is the same as insulting oneself(also, don't insult oneself!!!). We're all in this together, we all fly with the birds, or sink with the stones: together.

It does all start with a smile.

There's a lot that needs doing!!! And many places/people that need help. Humanity consists of emotionally "broken" people...we need guidance and strong ethics in order to fasten a truly livable society. If someone followed this from every country and spread it around with each other: racism, prejudice and ignorance will become a thing of the past.

What's important in life=each other.

Methinks none of us are "better off alone".



I see it all from the root universe man. any heaven or gate on any planet or star. it's all there. so beautiful:)

i unite myself under Earth, religion? sounds like another realm ontop of us. heaven(seven) is full of things people call gods and angels and so much. hell or where he fell(names origin) is just the center of earth where the first great souls got lost into, like eve. :/ when they two existed it was almost as if there could be no other place. all dimensions and planes we're equal around the sphere.

but here we are again. Earth stopped on void.... there's no time there. we need to unite under a global time stamp. WITH MATTER

glorious atoms from adam lol, the molecules he's become. so many way we can feel him inside of us. literally. everytype is from adam, all things just ARE eve.

that's how the Earth works. we do to, but smaller. us men are adam's personality split. and sitting on top of our own eve. some ignore their bodies. tisk tisk...

it seems so religious when i say it this way. christianity is based on jesus. Earth is based on Sun. who is based on Chronos.... so what do we unite under again?

our naton? state? humanity? ..... I'm a human, i'll let them one work it self out too

I think we should unite under Love itself: the grandest of emotions.

I can think of no grander "religion" than: Love one another.

Our transience...our lives are short, but our impacts can be huge or small.

Regardless, it's up to US to figure it out. ;)

Everyone who is here to help, is already here.

We shall see how it turns out! I hope for the best.


We all share the same threads, breathe the same air...we are all kin...

How could we, in this knowledge, reject one another?

"Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil."-Plato

I see my family(humanity) in struggle...so I won't deny my ability to help...

The real difficulty for me, personally, is balancing taking care of ourselves, and that of others.

I'll just teach when I can, live always, and learn forever.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."-M. Ghandi

If I die tomorrow, I ought to do something special today...for it's always today, it's always "right now".

Methinks public brainstorming is the first step: thought precedes action. Courage to enact that action is what's necessary.


My route: Martial arts(defend ourselves (aikido+more, personally)), qi-gong/ba gua, esoteric teachings. We need MOTIVATION and KNOWLEDGE. So I will learn/spread as much as I can, for I have all the motive in the world to do so...every sad face is an aspect of my own...we ought to cheer ourselves up!

I think that the power of love via music is vital, to boot. But love is the "culprit" behind every expression. We must all express ourselves, truly, without lying to ourselves or others. We must stop fearing love, and finally express our true feelings. That or we will eat ourselves alive, as I had in the past(almost to death)...it took more than one near-death experience for me to finally sink through the Eye of the needle. ;)

"All we need is love"....LOL and food/water/friends/family/shelter/trust/many things!!!

Everyone is important.

Peace to us all.


That sounds wonderful, I believe it's possible to gather under one roof and talk and plan for change. You're absolutelyright because the hardest battle is within. I know I struggle and I try to not to be reluctant or fearful of doing things. Sometimes I think if I could just get with the right people, things will start to get easier from there.

Well there's no time like now!

[email protected]=my email if anyone wants to start uniting humanity, FINALLY.

I'll dive in, what point is there if there is no point to be had(each other).

First thing's first: educate ourselves, take care of ourselves. Once we establish this: then we can start uniting/changing/molding the world we live in.

America was forged from a wish, it all started with one wish for freedom, and that blew up into an entire nation.

I'm still only 19, I have much self-education to do...and I think no one is excluded from that.

Start being nice to one another, permanently: regardless of scenario...stop mocking others, stop treating anyone unlike you would like to be treated...

LOL so funny that the "golden rule" rings so true.

Establish ourSelves, and then pull up any others. :)

We're all family at some derivation.

The further apart/spread out in the world: the better! But eventually we OUGHT to come together/massive intention for healing/helping/overcoming any and all obstacles.

Of course we can do it. ;)

Whoever said "there's no hope left in the world" was a liar.

"There is no worse death than the end of hope."-K. Arthur in a friggin movie: LOL.




We are all one.We can't help others if we dont help ourself first,I realised I wanted to help others so much,I forgot myself,and I could help other but just at 10% of the potential,if we care of ourself AND other then we can help at a much more grant potential.
now is a time to plan,prepare,heal and learn before acting.
Together is our strength,we'll succeed.
We need to trust into the universe,trust in ourself,trusting that we'll succeed.
We are the weaver of the fabric of our reality after all.
What shall be done shall be done in LOVE though,as its the wonderful-est creative force.

The concept of 13 warriors or leaders has been told from a number of perspectives and with a variety of numbers. Thed idea that we are so limited to a small number of leaders is really prohibitive. It's up to all of us. That having been aid, there are definitely different eschelons of gifted ability. These are those that are working behind the scenes and laying groundwork for things to come.

The point of this era of life is to "come together". Nothing more. Nothing less. Within that mission is remembering who we are in our divinity and remembering our forgotten gifts. We also must remember Love. How to love, how to share with each other, etc etc etc.

We are still so far behind and have a lot of work to do before we can move forward. Keep working. Keepmoving forward. Remember. Love.


SS has a point, that meaning I said about the significance of 12 and +1: 12 includes all squares of 12, where some people get the 144000 in the religious apocalypse. I think, it may be 12 (from 12 different regions?) of 12 different parts of the world, with the +1 being the one being who can unite them all.

[QUOTE=vicky3619;993486]We are all one.We can't help others if we dont help ourself first,I realised I wanted to help others so much,I forgot myself,and I could help other but just at 10% of the potential,if we care of ourself AND other then we can help at a much more grant potential.
now is a time to plan,prepare,heal and learn before acting.
Together is our strength,we'll succeed.
We need to trust into the universe,trust in ourself,trusting that we'll succeed.
We are the weaver of the fabric of our reality after all.
What shall be done shall be done in LOVE though,as its the wonderful-est creative force.[/QUOTE]

I like your thoughts on this.

Still Trust in self is not easy.


I did see a story on one of the skulls recently founded by two people by the myans ruins. they came across a hidden entrance or fell in im not sure lol but the skull was then evaluated and made of something not from this world.

G’day Veisha

The word religion itself only refers to a belief or conviction not necessarily of a religious origin however the word religious is of having faith in religious beliefs or convictions. My point here is religion could mean any conviction for example science has its own convictions that if it doesn’t make logical sense it can’t exist or is not plausible, you could say certain scientist religiously believe in this concept dogmatically.

In ancient Egypt during the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] dynasty a group of priests were banished supposedly for trying to help free the slaves but the real reason was these particular priests weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing exactly like paying tribute to certain God’s & conduction rituals in accordance with this, they knew, to a certain extent, who the God’s actually were. What they were doing was conducting themselves in all assets of life including science.

Hieroglyphs plainly showing light globes & helicopters are depicted on a temple from the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] dynasty, my point is the 13 you mention here could be linked to the same thirteen priests banned in ancient Egypt & refer to 13 specialised areas of knowing as all knowing once came from religious orientated people educated in their own specialised area. The crystal skulls themselves could just be in reference to actual living skulls of people coming together once again.


Ps I am only guessing that there were thirteen priests banned in Egypt as there is no written records of how many were actually banned.

marc by marc jacobs

marc by marc jacobs

The underground train in London can get you anywhere when you know how to maneuver all the options. Like our subways, London under ground is a busy place. When your train arrives and comes to a stop, you move forward with the crowd, waiting for your turn to get on the train. A man’s voice drones from overhead, warning you over and over: “Mind the gap. . . mind the gap." There is a crack of about 4 – 8 inches between the platform and the train, where any number of things could fall through. You could lose anything in it: a shoe, a foot, change, a purse could fall into that gap and never be seen again. There is also a small difference in height that could trip you up, so you may need to step up or down a bit as the train will probably not be level with the platform. So every few seconds, once the train arrives, the kind gentleman reminds you to pay attention to that gap. And you do because he sounds so arresting and credible. Mind your gap Managers need to be reminded to mind the gap, too. We need to develop staff who know how to handle all those situations that fall between the cracks. When not minded, these gaps can cause people to falter or cause any number of losses. Today’s workers handle more unpredictable situations than ever. The solutions for most of these are not outlined in a policy manual. Those that are, usually occur so far away from the manual that it’s not handy anyway. So we need staff who can figure out how to respond to anything. Internal policies >>> gap
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