mostly power is in the hands of materialistic thinkers now , in ancient times
the powerful were also most spiritual and had spiritual advisors to guide

Cypher was a canadian movie that I liked a lot. :)

Lucy liu is ther, HOT, pretty HOT, this post is not for lesbians, XP gay people will take a peek anyway, and the rest are just happy, or not.


Re: Are WE the Illuminati?

Yes isildae21,

You are correct, I also came to the conclusion that we are the illuminati

To become officially part of the illuminati (the enlightened ones & New World Order) and become a beneficiary you must register.

Go here for details on how to register: https://naturesspirit.co.za/2017/09/20/the-illuminati/

Please share this fantastic news with all your friends and family.

We need the people of the world to join the revolution so that the hand over becomes official and a dream come true for us all!

One Love,

Riaan (Jannah)
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