I see it all as a sort of dimensional chess game. Like Enochian Chess, a four handed game. Us, them, angelic beings (both of the heights and fallen), and Will of God are the four hands. The board goes through all layers and everyone can affect the game, whether they are cognizant or oblivious to whats really going on. Rules are simple, they try to weaken the opposing agenda and try to anticipate or encompass will of God whenever possible.
For us, we just need to know they cannot change what will be, only how we will perceive and interpet the natural course of Divine Design. So they do their best to keep everyone worried, afraid and at odds with each other. Distraction, diversion and disinformation to keep everyone chasing their own tails.
They have a broader knowledge, but they are playing countless dimensions. We for most part stick to a few dimensions. They set up nasty tricks and lure in unsuspecting. Or they set up nasty tricks and persuade some to take the golden apple and be a "star" of whatever. If they can broker a deal, you are stuck with the terms. If they can lure you without a deal, you're pretty much theirs. If they can do neither, they cannot usurp and deploy whatever skills you possess.
If you can rise above it enough times, you gain insight. Even better if you are a natural at the game, like Amenti and you sense it off the bat.
Better still if you're not a natural but you muddle through by Grace and earn the respect and trust of angelic beings, again like Amenti.

Me, this is my one life and I have lived it for an eternity in different dimensions sametime and split time, played by the so called elite time and again.

Then I catnapped on a dragon's back and learned. :)

This dimension is the center. Every other one fans outward from this apex. Harder by far for them to manipulate here. And so much information is so muddied by all the cross threaded alternate realities, both synthetic and natural occurring alternates. It is a real mess, unstable and getting worse. That's part of their goal, to fix that mess and maintain their synthetic connections. It can be done but they don't have the inherent skills to do it.

Illuminati is this not a concept in understanding the passion of men.
Tell me what would one call himself as he proceeds to gain the passions of the soul.

The nephlim have ways to entice the young to be afraid of words, to disregard them before understanding the veil they represent.

Is this not what the illuminati embody. Come now filter speculative, figurative, and imaginative and define such a concept appropriately..

free thinker of their time....what are you?
claiming enlightenment in their time....what have you claimed over others less aware?

founded in may 1776.... and a member here on IS called illuminati was born in 1976 at 1212/OO12 am midnight as a twin(duality) and is an aquarus. 1976-1776 =200 how many nephlim/watchers are there...

We all have the ability to make what ever sense of nonsense that we choose.
ASK yourself if you had to discern the difference between one of the immovable race(children of the light) against one of the immovable ego (children of men) which would illuminate the darkness of the world

the free-willed or the free-acting.....or the free-thinkers

to will
to think
to act

understand this as it relates to your soul and you will understand freedom and never be controlled.

go with peace

I'm just here to do as I am told, I made a commitment to God and I keep that first and foremost. To be honest, the word Illuminati has been twisted to a different meaning than its definition.

We are all children of light, some just have an all over glow, like nephilim or angelic beings and others, like myself as a person carry a tiny spark.

I don't have an interest in furthering any cause for any being. I am focused on my task and if it helps or hinders is not my concern, I know it is meant to be. Who am I to say I understand Divinity? I just shuffle along at my slow pace and do as I'm told, when I'm told to do it and not a moment sooner. I don't ask why here, why now. Or when, or where. Everything will unfold as it is meant to be. If I help my path brings me to someone I can help, I don't ask if he's a good guy or a bad guy, I help as best I can and move along. I would help Satan if he was in distress. Who am I to judge? Not my jay oh bee to judge others.

I don't believe in an immovable race. Or a an elite ruling class that has the right to take my life for their purpose. I have my own purpose, my own way of being. I'm not a free thinker, or especially enlightened. I just pay attention and remember what is important. Not names or dates or prophecies. Things like integrity, personal best, honor, compassion and love. I gave my will over to God. It is safe there in his hands. I stand under His will. I don't have time to play the game very often but if I did, I would win because I play to win. I know the game and I watch it from my vantage point. It is an easy game to win, once you understand it.

the bavarian illuminati was founded in 1776 and had degrees like
freemasonry , also golden dawn and offshoots of the golden dawn , also
other esoteric societies give their teachings in degrees, but this does not
mean they have special powers in the world or are organized to the
extent some think, ( but perhaps they have an inner substance which
some call the great brotherhood ), mostly the power that people talk
about is held in governments and banks. (ie. don't confuse the
term "illuminati" with a worldly power )

I see no evil or bad.

I personally see the Illuminati more as a metaphor for those in contact and knowledge of the higher realms and how they translate here- and those who retain the real power over the truth of this place. I don't think they actually call themselves that. I consider their power not so much worldly so much as I consider it a power over spiritualism. Of course no such thing exists- it is just the illusion that they maintain so long as people keep giving it away.

They are necessary because we have not yet evolved to be spiritually self-dependent. And so long as we give all our inner power away to outside authorities and forces- so will they exist.

We are here for a reason, and there is no way to "get out" without first embracing our shadow dancers, the darker aspects of ourselves. Some in the new age think only focusing on the light will get them there, but this is neglecting the entire reason you are here! In the astral, and beyond, one must traverse through many "dark" realms and layers before ever getting to the celestial. One must embrace the whole thing- and love the shadow aspects of oneself equally before being able to pass through. The transmutation of all those aspects of ourselves is necessary before traversing through the Halls..for all the so called "ugly" is only an anti-particle aspect of ourselves, and aspects humanity has neglected and allowed to grow in the angles hidden from Men.

All is an aspect of god, all is an aspect of learning and evolution. I see no reason to fear them or any of it. TMT I agree with you. Also, I think learning to love them as brothers/sisters will give you the necessary power to dissolve whatever control- however subtle their matrix might have over you.

Take care.

I just don't have the capacity to differentiate who is on what side in any given moment. I think a lot wear many hats, as needed. I have faith that God knows my nature and will allow for that when beings cross my path. He knows I am not bothered by appearance.

I would add that all this craziness used to literally push me over the edge. Too many weird things to list here, for sure. Then I just accepted it as 'normal'. Now I have peace of mind. :)

I think we killed this thread Amenti :)

Anyway, have you ever met up with a being, started a conversation and then years later, same being pops up and just picks up the conversation where it left off? I can't figure out if no time has past for them or they just have one track dialogue.

i guess illuminati means something different now , not the 1700s illuminati
but the power structure or military industrial complex, and those with power
within it. a sad thing -- when the war with iraq began someone commented that
the weapons were nearing their expiration date ?

Yes it means something different now. It usually now refers to those within the hidden space program, and behind the scenes of the military industrial complex. Although the title does not really apply to them unless there is some "esoteric" mastery or knowledge IMO.

Of course what illumination actually means and refers to has nothing to do with the modern day conspiracy theories so much as it is an Esoteric concept and aspiration of attainment.

And tmt I have no had that happen yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

mostly power is in the hands of materialistic thinkers now , in ancient times
the powerful were also most spiritual and had spiritual advisors to guide

Cypher was a canadian movie that I liked a lot. :)

Lucy liu is ther, HOT, pretty HOT, this post is not for lesbians, XP gay people will take a peek anyway, and the rest are just happy, or not.


Re: Are WE the Illuminati?

Yes isildae21,

You are correct, I also came to the conclusion that we are the illuminati

To become officially part of the illuminati (the enlightened ones & New World Order) and become a beneficiary you must register.

Go here for details on how to register: https://naturesspirit.co.za/2017/09/20/the-illuminati/

Please share this fantastic news with all your friends and family.

We need the people of the world to join the revolution so that the hand over becomes official and a dream come true for us all!

One Love,

Riaan (Jannah)
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