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Hi everyone

I have a question for people here and comments are also welcomed.

My question refers to the visit I once had.
It's about beings (let's say extraterrestrials cause it's a wide term). There were 3 of them and they were like 1.80 metres or 1.90 metres tall (approximately). The one in the middle was the tallest. They were shining with this bright yellow-golden color. Inside that shining there was a mild humanoid shape.
They communicate telepathically and through touch. The one in the middle put his hand on my face and it felt warm, saying/meaning: "Everything will be alright, you're not alone".
They are love and peace, evolutionary way advanced and beyond people, their essence is just beautiful.

Has anyone else had encounter with them?

Re: Visit from unworldly beings

I think I have been in touch with some similar beings. I do not know if they are the same that you are describing here though.
I had visits from very loving beings. I used to call them angels. But maybe angels is not the right word for them as it may be associated with religion and this is not my idea of them. But yes, beautiful energy, high vibration, love and support in tough times and also helping with wisdom and guidance. I was more in touch with them few years ago when I was going through some heavy psychich attacks and really needed some spiritual help. They only help if we are open to it or if we ask for it. Otherwise they do not intervene in human business, out of respect for us and our choices. I do not know if they were aliens. To me they seemed to be energetic beings mostly. Still I could see their colorful auras or energy floating sometimes. I believe they are still around, supporting me when I need it.

I did see aliens and other kind of entities. But these aliens and entities I had experience with were negative and hurtful to me.

On some occassions I also got visions of other ET´s. Not really any visit from them, more like thelepatic visions. Some of them, I think are other incarnations of me, from higher realms. But it could also be just some familiar ET´s open to make contact with me; I do not know for sure.

Re: Visit from unworldly beings

Hi Red Violet 3

Thank you for sharing this.

I understand what you mean by energetic beings. I call all these (unworldly) beings, even angels, extraterrestrials because (at least to me) it's a wide term. For example, some scriptures say that angels have wings and some they are beings without wings. I haven't seen beings with wings, but the ones I saw could be angels too. So far I was able to find only one experience that matches mine, but the girl who saw these 3 entities had nearly death experience. Their visitations are rare and it's also about not interfering in human life paths because they have to learn by themselves. They come only when it's very important.

One person that I trust to in spiritual fields told me that these were my spiritual guides.
So, it's possible that these beings you met are your spiritual guides. That's why you see their spiritual auras and energy, because they are always around. You cannot see them always, but you can talk to them any time...just by sending a thought, asking a question or for help, while meditating and so on. We communicate with our spiritual guides's the sublime voice inside you, intuition, inner knowledge which you don't know how you got it, noticing signs that are sent to you. But, as I said, this is just one possibility. There is so much stuff we don't know, we don't have enough puzzles to grasp the bigger picture. Just trust your intuition, it's the right guide.

Your experience is beautiful and it's a blessing. I'm happy for you cause I know how it feels :-)

The ET's you saw were in your visions and they sent you hurtful intentions? Do they come spontaneously or when something certain happens to you?

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I think you are right about the guides. My contact with them has decreased a bit but I think they are still there anyway and their support when needed. Yes there is still too much which is unknown. I believe truth will be revealing itself in all different aspects of life and reality in the right time. So yes, good to keep an open mind to different possibilities and to see what life brings, what truth it shows.

The negative ET´s that I experienced were in the astral realm, not here in the 3D world. It was during astral travel we could say. I think they were behind entities and psychic attacks and manipulations. About how they happened, well, I had no control over these experiences, or not complete control, because once in the astral realm, after a bit of struggle I could get out of the situation and come back but it was draining still somehow. These experiences just started happening to me as I got more spiritually aware. For some time it happened quite often, very often. But then it started decreasing and decreasing with time until it almost never happens now. I think it is possible that as I raised my energy it started decreasing but I dont know for sure if this was the cause.

The benevolent ET visions just came to me during a state of deep mind, half asleep and half awake and they were a vivid image that just came to my mind, usually when my mind wasnt focused on it or anything like it. Same with past life visions. They usually came to me without me trying to remember anything. On very few occasions I had dreams of past life memories; usually they came as visions.

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Thanks for talking about this, Red Violet 3.

You said that negative entities were attacking you when you became more spiritually aware, yeah, they were doing that cause your higher frequency (your light) became threat. It's like a magnet for those.
I also believe that raising your energy started to prevent those attacks. As you become more aware meaning raising your energy, you protect yourself.
Clearing your mind is clearing a path to connect with other realms, entities. It comes during meditation, half asleep half awake state (had experiences in those).

When you have past life visions, is it like seeing a movie on a big plasma tv or more like a camera recording a scene with zoom in/out...or something else?

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Hey Ladybelle
Sorry for my late reply
About past life visions, well hard to tell. Most of my memories have come just as a vision that lasts for about a second. In this vision I can see a person. The people I see in these visions look a bit similar to me; like, I can recognize myself in them, specially because of the eyes. They can be female and they can be male, different height, eye and hair color, etc. But very similar eye shape and way of staring, its possible to recognize my face/eyes in them.

Few times I have had memory dreams. And we could say they are more like a movie but without a screen :) It is like living it again.
I think those are memories stored in the subconscious mind that come to my awareness.

Recently I experienced one of these dreams in which I was taking a city with a group of people. A cold and grey and very old nordic city. I was a woman here and was leading this "quest". I saw myself attacking with a sword to put it lightly. I saw her, that incarnation from a looong time ago and saw myself in her eyes. I also experienced healing with this memory from this particular controversial life. I released shame and sadness coming from those past events.

Also sometimes psychedelics also reveal information about other lives to me; I have got insight from them aswell.

Crystals have also revealed some information to me when I programmed them for that. So in the end, I am slowly knowing about other incarnations in different ways.

I really like to know these things, I am very curious about past lives :)
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