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Aliens and technology

It got me thinking that humans on other planets are NOT in to technology at all.
Sure there's flying ufos but if these are high-tech gadgets we're probably not dealing with friendly forces. Just thinking in terms of energy and consciousness and that humans on other planets have no physical bodies I don't think they build big techno robots. ;)
Technology is just a part of civilization on earth, and beyond that stage in evolution is culture which is in harmony with nature and not dependent on technology and not destructive so I guess in our evolution and our present stage of civilization we will take the best parts of technology that not only benefits us but the world as a whole and all living beings and move on to the cultural stage since scientists will discover the etheric planes sooner or later and there will be new expressions in healing, music, art and so on.

Re: Aliens and technology

"A soul can travel wherever it wants, way faster than a physical vehicle.
And telepathic communication seems, at least to me, to be the most effective way, by not only instantly communicating without delays, but also really precise.
By that, spiritually advanced races wouldn't really need to develop these primitive technologies."

Hey! :D
Exactly what I was thinking when mentioning energy and consciousness, very well put! :)

Re: Aliens and technology

I agree with what you guys express here regarding technologies and spirituality.
For a truly developed civilization, technology may not be so necessary. Or maybe they also have technology but very different from the one that we know so far.

Technology for humans is tricky. Today, we can use technology to improve our lives and even to help heal the world. The way I see it, technology is playing a decisive role in our spiritual awakening as humanity. It is necessary for humanity right now; for freeing ourselves and for evolving our consciousness (internet and all its possibilities). But one of the main drives for technological research and expansion have been wars and the search of absolute power and control.

I find interesting how Spirit works. Spirit transforms people, things and situations. It can take something logical and oriented to control and power into one of the main tools for spiritual liberation. It is a mock in the face in a way.
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