UFO Encounters

Since I was little I have experienced many different paranormal things. UFOs being one of them. I first saw a glowing block when I was 8 years old. Something told me to go to the window, so I did and there is was , moving silence across the sky. The next was at 2.30 am on the 23rd October 1983. There was an oval shape object that was rumbling and something was spinning once a second on the outer rim, anticlockwise...…

I just except these things now, there has been so many related things happen...its hard to keep up with it all.

Re: UFO Encounters

Sounds very interesting you want to write things down and compare what you writen from when you were eight to present I used to see a lot of paranormal things too I think many people have but they chalk it up to there imagination if your interested I tell you anyway when your an infant your pine cone third eye grows to a large size and shrinks back to a pea then grows again in teenage and shrinks again when you reach adult hood your thinking what's that to do ufo well well your third eye or pineal gland see things your normal eyes cannot see also this glands communicates with you whats interesting in yogis it's twice the size of infants as for ufos I never seen one I remember but I strongly think you should write your experiences down
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