weird ET theory... weird?

this theory is mine, I just made it long time ago, forgot about it for month and now remembered.

I was at my friend ranch, after we played some music together, it was night. I was smoking outside, looking at the sky and wondering about other worlds, worlds where things went in another way, the "what if" worlds.
You know that theory where in each instant of life infinite futures are generated, like now. there's a parallel universe where I'm not typing this message, another where I'm typing from a PC, another where I'm dead, another where I'm not on the train, and so on... well, it came back to my mind in that moment and I had illumination.

What if the start has been the same for everyone, at thw big bang, and on every planet of the universe things had simply went different? what if other planets are the "what if planets" according to our views and we are a "what if" planet for others? what if on an other planet there's a version of me tipyng from PC, on another not on train, etc.
What if WE are the extra terrestrial entity?

It's weird, I don't know even know if I explained well this theory... but it's so fascinating...

I basically believe the same--that there's a universe for every possible difference. So, there would essentially be a universe where I was happy right now (I'm not really), and also a universe where I was much worse off. And another where I died one of the many times I could have died before this but didn't. I think this is why the law of attraction works. I believe all possibilities are possible and we "attract" things by using our minds to move through the different dimensions.

You should check out a book called Earth, the Living Library. You might find it interesting.

Greetings! I tend to follow the same thought processes. With that premise as a base for this thought experiment, include some other elemental force(s) or 5th Dimension intelligent species even, but within our galaxy. How would these intertwine with the premise?

Please forgive my insanity, or, welcome to if it suits you, lol.

How far can you detach from your own preconceived notions of reality? If you can follow this, you have my heartfelt sympathies. So we have multiple timelines, possibilities, universes, cosmos'. Step back to see a larger picture where our earth is nothing more than an insignificant spec of manifestation. I see a living being, a torus formation where our sliver of continuous time/space experience is more like a single string fiber existing as part of a greater whole. Similar to our own body, in that our cell fibers exist individually with self consciousness forming a whole functioning unit. These timespace strings act similarly, transferring energy, consciousness and what else resources between them in order to maintain a healthy existence of possibilities.

Think now, what happens to us when the possibilities in our lives run out..when the river flows of potentiality dry up leaving only that one single inevitable fact measurable material point of truth? I say here, quantum physics applies to the macro state as well as the micro. When possible potentials stop, so to does our consciousness experiencing, revealing the truth of those who err towards all certainties instead of insecure possibilities. We were, instead of we are, and where will one be then?

So maybe there are other living torus formations, maybe there are parasites and diseases that hungrily seek to devour the timespace potentials of others, maybe the torus is an amoeba compared to higher yet forms of existence where the noticing of human is kin to our scientists peering at something smaller than electrons. Such a wonderful discovery im sure, to watch us argue over whether the world deserves 6000 or 6 billion candles this coming birthday. A less than micro comedy where both viewpoints are equally valid and invalid because each string has a beginning and an end, or they would be described as being circular. Perhaps this is the actual sin here, of describing, when we should be scry-bing, or better yet only observing and seems thought is more troublesome than it's self is so look again.

I began, some whenwhere, does it matter specifically? I followed many paths of experiencing instead of only one, i discovered there were many thousands of me, all aspects of one underlying consciousness that is homogeneous, permeates throughout the torus of existence. I thought to myself while seeing the drama unfold on a scale of spider vs the universe, "i can do more if there are less of me, i will be stronger and more useful to the torus i am a part of". Simultaneously, my toenail said to itself, "I will consume more resource to become larger and therefore more useful to the body i am a part of". So i hunted myself throughout the dimensions of space and time until there was only 'i', the pure awareness of 'i' experienced solely by 'i' alone by itself. And then i realized, as the great toenail clipper in the sky descended upon me..It is better to cultivate potential and possibility than to become the pinnacle of certain successfully.

I can dig this. Regressing now, while cultivating potential and unlimited possibilities, there must be many gems you have found along the way. Pick one up here, find another one there, pick it up...with this insight, anyone can make anything become their reality, everywhere and everywhen. As I walk and find gems along the way, I receive great insight, and continue walking...when times seem tough, it is sometimes difficult to even regress back to a point in life even if 10 years prior, and feel the Joy and Bliss experienced. Just when I think I have Alot figured out, I am reminded of simple joys and pleasures that are really what matters. That's the duality...Balance...Bliss

I knew you'd understand.
The view from here, gems are the special people glowing with promise and wanting to shine for more than themselves. Looking from high above, they are lights guiding the way home from long journeys. They are the jewels in the crown of illumination that lights our path, every one is valued and cherished.
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