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drakke1 wrote:
Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:46 pm
ET presence on Earth -- the cover ups, the players and the agendas...

"That's an energochemical, in response to adverse stimuli. A chromosomal combustion takes place, as the Metagene takes the source of biostress, be it chemical, radioactivity, or what ever and turns the potential energoresponse into a catalyst for genetic change. The main focus of the catalyst power is a gland in the middle of the human brain called the PINEAL gland, and the nutrient for increasing the Pineal's action is the adrenaline. The Metagene factor gives the ability of Psionic Power [for better or worse].

The main interest of the Aliens, especially the Grays, is to understand and control the Metagene for their own race. They try to do this using Biological Experiments to make Hybrids from both humans and aliens. They believe perhaps the MEN FROM PLANET EARTH ARE THE DEADLIEST CREATURES IN THE UNIVERSE. Because ONLY on Earth people are apparently capable of generating the Metagene Factor, which means Natural Psionics ability, "Real Power" " ... earch.html ... roject.htm

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And a quite fascinating site in the area, generally
Yes I did hear once that Earth is the only planet where one can transmute negativity

Re: The Biggest Secret On Earth -- The Blue Planet Project -- Includes Videos

I am retired CIA "Star Gate" Noetic science consultant. Star Gate began as a paranormal research project "Grill Flame". The first operational program was "Scanate". We explored remote viewing and remote influencing. In one of our sessions several operatives encountered an intelligence of unknown origin. The project name was changed to "Star Gate" and publically disavowed. It entered the deep black arena and vanished from public view. We have established communication with an other worldly intelligence we call The Ancient Ones or sometimes the Watchers. There are other intelligent civilizations across space/time and many are billions of years in advance of our infant civilization. High intelligence is a dangerous double edge sword and only a few survive themselves to achieve permanence in the Cosmic scheme of things. As you might surmise we on this world are not doing very well.
Truth and Reality is something few dare know. The prevailing popular belief systems seek to command the mind and soul of humanity.
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