Alien and Et contact or UFO sightings.

I am very interested in all things not from this planet. Our vocabulary is limited on this topic so I will simply refer to them as aliens and UFOs for ease of understanding.

I would like to know if you have had an ET experience. Have you met with aliens (literally), been abducted or seen a ufo?

I have only seen ufos, I don't consciously remember having ET experiences in a non-channelled state, but I always have the uneasy feeling that I have had contact that I cannot recall.

I shared this experience in another thread so I'll quote me!
One night (2001) when I was living in the country I was sitting in bed looking out the wall of windows beside me and I saw a small light pulsating gently across the sky. Assuming it was a plane I just watched it because there was nothing else to do. When it arrived at a point in the sky which aligned with Mt Warning, it exploded into a huge ball of light, then shrunk down to a pin prick of light, then it formed a column of light down to the ground and then the column disappeared from top to bottom. I couldn't believe it, until a 2nd light came pulsating across the sky and stopped at exactly the same spot and repeated the previous act.... i was gobsmacked. I assumed they were ufos as Mt Warning is a ufo hot spot (an old friend of mine in the 1970s saw Mt Warning open up and a triangular ufo come out of it), but there is also the possibility they were Min Min lights, a phenomenon known to the Australian Aborigines.
I have also had a less remarkable sighting with a group of people after a choir practice one night, we came out of the hall to see a light in the sky that was zipping all over the sky in the most erratic and random manner. It was moving in a way that no plane or helicopter could, and would disappear one second and reappear a second later at the other end of the viewable sky. It moved so fast and in all sorts of directions, it was quite fun to watch.

A friend of mine had an experience in Tasmania where a large orange orb hovered for most of the night in the back yard of her rural property. It moved around outside their house for so long it got to the point that they got too tired to watch it. At one point the large orange ball of light descended over their white rose bush. They found in the morning that all the roses had turned from white to orange, and have grown that way ever since.

My brother had an experience in 1989 in a small town called Jambaroo. He and his girlfriend were out walking one night when they saw a giant mother ship. It was the size of at least three football fields and was a large opalescent oval orb of a pinkish white colour and could only be described as a lightship. Smaller light ships came and went from it before it went over to land on Jambaroo mountain.

My final story, a friend of mine while backpacking in the UK, was camping in England (Glastonbury I think?). One night he awoke in his tent to see what can only be described as a grey, standing in the entrance of the tent, at the end of his sleeping bag. It looked at him and then he passed out. He was left with what looked like a puncture wound on his back, and has had a terrible fear of aliens ever since. The feeling he had, was that he was being put back after being taken.

A friend of mine has had many unpleasant encounters with the grays. They haven't bothered him in awhile, I think. And last time they attempted a visit he sent them packing. :p

I've never physically seen an alien...but those that I refer to as my spirit family are aliens. I used to be able to "picture" them in a space.

How's that for a start?

It's so weird that you made this post. I just checked for new postings after spending about 2 hours reading articles about UFO's and extraterrestrials and goverment cover-ups and all that jazz.

I don't want to call it a sighting, because it wasn't to exciting or anything, but I was in the car with my family while we were on vacation in California last summer and I looked out the window and saw 3 gray dots (really distant and faded) in the sky. They were moving straight in kind of a migrating bird formation, with one in the front and the other two following. I didn't really think anything of it until just now. Actually the more I think about it, the more I do think they were UFO's. Or that might just be my hopeful thinking...sometimes I'll just be so disgusted with life I'll lay in bed and ask to be abducted.

There are different kinds of jrods.. did you find a few different kinds, I think the jrods I was thinking of were the jrod50s.... which are meant to be time travellers, and are our offspring so to speak but from 50000 years in the future. Anway they are quite small and bent with no mouths and they speak telepathically. Hrmmm what else could it be... I'm assuming you have already looked into reptilians. There are many breeds of greys, some even have owl faces. I'd have to think about it some more I can't think of anything off the top of my head. This site may help, it is the Australian abduction group, I watched a video they put out and it had many many abductee drawings of various aliens, they may have some on their site.

OH WOW..... i got chills when you said that last line.... absolute chills. The Lion People are from Sirius and they are Protectors, that is their role! They also work alone and will often come to you if you need help.

Re: Alien and Et contact or UFO sightings.

I saw something last night, about 11:11 pm I'll say. There was a very bright orange ball, fiery in a way but not like a meteorite either, there was no sound, it moved across the sky in a perfect straight horizontal line and i have to say it is the fastest moving object i have ever seen.

I live under a well used flight path and based on the aircraft i see daily my estimate is that the object travelled at least 50-100 kilometer (30-50 miles) in less that 1 second, horizontal to the horizon, at less altitude than a passenger jet but higher than small aircraft.

Im sure it was not a meteor or falling star, i see them all the time too and there was no trail behind the fireball, which was very large and bright.
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