Questionable dream experiance, need input

Ok so as I've mentioned before I have spiritual contact in my dreams almost every night, maybe every 1 in 2 nights i'll have some sort of what I perceive as spiritual contact and astrol plane like experiances. Also in these dreams maybe 1 out of every two of these spiritual dreams i'll be or become aware that I am in a dream and talking to beings that talk to me in a way where I know I am talking to spiritual beings but anyway..

First thing I noticed in the past few weeks in these dreams is that sometimes they take plane in places I recognize like the road I live on, at other times it's in forests and mountain very natural settings that I do not recognize. for the first time about 10 days ago I was walking beside my grampa(who passed away 3 years ago) and was the first time I seen him up close and in amazement I focused on his appearance and he looked about my age I could deffinately tell it was him though no doubt at all except he looked 25 years old and we were walking together, he than heard people halfing inside a shed, we walked up to the shed and banged on the door and yelled something like "____ are you in there" I than said word for word "who are they?" they replied word for word "idiots from my past"

that's not what I wanted to talk about though other than to point out these dream experiances that someone here claimed must be astrol projections but other than them being alittle more vivid than the average dream experience and the spiritual contact they were no different from the average dream, astrol projection is done while a person is awake from what I know about them

Anyway now to the important one I am here about from last night... after some forplay with some spiritual female beings(which was my favorate part except for the mess I have to clean up when I wake up) I began talking to someone who I can't identify who it was but when we first started talking we were next to a 4 lane highway like you would see anywhere in this world, he said something that implied he was from another planet or solar system. I replied "from a different planet up there" then he paused and I said "the plaides?" he said yes and I began asking him if there were roads or highways on planets up there, he went on to explain something about dirt like roads that exist I couldn't quite understand or remember exactly what he said. I eventually went on to ask him how people got around and said I figured with their advanced technology most people would fly to their destinations instead of ground but he replied something like "surprisingly no" but at once point after I asked him about what kind of flying vehicles they had but the only one he told to me about was a flying vehicle called a "Tangarine" that goes up to 500 miles an hour" I suspected this is only possibly true and that he might be just screwing with me but.. no idea.. now to an even more important part.

So were walking or floating through natural like setting with high rocks when after coming around the corner of a rock where we come to a wide open field we see 4 what look like spaceships floating up in the air above the field, I only got a close look at one and it's general physical shape If I could upload a jpeg id draw what I saw one of the ships to look like, at this point I begin suspecting I may be talking about something I shouldn't be? these ships may of been watching us? I then see an even bigger ship hovering not far above the ground in the distants coming towards us, at this point like a coward I take off in the opposite direction leaving the person I was talking to behind. After moving quite along distant through and around natural rocky lands I stop feeling bad I left him back there, so I head back again the way I was just coming with saying "I'm sorry" but just than after barely having moved very far back in the direction of the ships, I see a small dot like shadow casted on the water below me moving my way, when he reaches me I begin spinning in circles, at that time I wake up back to the couch in my living room and I haven't gone back to sleep since(I got enough sleep anyway at that point"

All I can describe one of the spaceships looking like was it had three round corners to it but one of the corner circular parts was lowing than the other two, almost giving it a face like look but to me it deffinately looked like some alien ship to me

Any input or thoughts, would be appreciated thanks! this experience creeped me out just alittle having possibly encountered alien ships

Very interesting! I have my own fair share of dream encounters with extraterrestrials and space ships, too. I don't think they meant any harm to you. Since you're already spiritually inclined, you probably caught that man's interest and he stopped to chat with you for a while. Aha, seeing space ships up close for the first time can be intimidating. I remember when I saw one for the first time I nearly got into a car wreck! Then I sped off to the pier and hid out in an arcade for several hours.

I feel like they feel bad about scaring us. That's usually why aliens cloak themselves and hide their appearances. That, and scared humans are hard to work with.
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