@sandrama: Thank you for the reply! It's full of great advice :) I've heard a lot about essential oils on this site, but I have no idea how to use them. Do you rub them on, or burn them, etc? I'm not sure where I would get any here (I'm not in the US, I live in Japan), but I'm sure I could find something.
I'm just curious to know: why did you think that what they taught in school about biochemistry was wrong? I'm sure you have your reasons to think this way, I am just curious as to know what criteria you used to come to that conclusion.

And I agree with the recharging thing, it only goes so far at home, so on weekends, I go hiking in a mountain near my home, and being in that forest really helps me connect and balances me out :)

And lastly with the partner thing, no worries! haha, personally, I don't care about gender at all. For me it doesn't matter what gender the person I love is, only that I love them. I fall in love with the person, not what sex they are. The whole gender issue is fluid and the lines are blurry, at least in my case.

This is a very interesting thread and I hope to hear more from people!

There are a lot of ways to use essential oils. The easiest one: Just smell it. You can smell it out of the bottle you buy (but I wouldn't do this often, because of the oxygen which gets inside), so maybe take a tiny box, put salt in it and then add some drops of the oil or even mix some. Salt also conserve the fragrance. And you can carry it around all day. You can use an oil burner (you put 2 drops of an oil into water on a stove). Or, this is what I do when it's flu time, put some drops of the scarf you're wearing - like Lemon. If you wanna treat let's say stiff muscles you can create a massage oil with a carrier oil (olive for example) plus 2 drops of an essential oil like Citrus reticulata, Juniperus communis... (Well to know which one, you have to read a bit). Or you could make compresses, or take a scented bath or even create creams and stuff. But the most important thing you need to remember: Never put essential oils into "normal" creams made out of petroleum or use bad carrier oils, adulterated stuff, because essential oils operate as carriers in the body - so in the end the toxic petroleum stuff would end up in some placed it would have never been going without it.
For Yarrow I like to put a drop on my hands and then go through my aura with it. You could do Reiki in addition (to make a stronger shield), but it's not necessary, because as a crystal, you're connected with that sort of energy anyhow.

As protection you can always imagine you are in your center and from there is a spiral moving developing that goes around your center, becoming bigger, covering your whole aura. I often do this when I go by underground trains. I close my eyes for 3 seconds, imagine the spiral and when I open my eyes the people around me seem to be much more away. My Qigong teacher taught me: If you are centered nobody can take any energy from you, our affect you with critical energies.

Japan, I didn't read that :) Sorry. Well usually you can buy essential oils in bigger health food stores, esoteric bookstore, pharmacies. In Germany I know 4 really good and known manufacturers, but only 1 you can buy in stores (and that's not the one aromatherapists prefer). Best is to order online, but you have to know their quality by then. Maybe ask around who provides good stuff in your area.

Biochemistry. Good question. The education system for universities in Germany changed in the last years and with the bachelor / master system we got a 24h study program for each day of the year. They create a lot of depressions with it, but also an environment that doesn't allow further questions. There is no time, no money, just doing what they are saying. And they said that the whole is just the product of all the pieces combined. And not more. Which is not true. Also the lab environment wasn't very healthy, nobody really cared about the environmental impact and at first I took this chance to stand up, but then got tired and frustrated and depressed and then I just quit and thought about positive stuff, instead of fighting against negative ideas, which is the more effective way. Long story very short.
But to find another "carreer", education etc. was very hard. It still is. But it changes. In another big city in Germany (Hamburg) the first primary school for Indigo people opened! Hope!

Blurriness it is.

Born in 1980...date of birth 08.08.08....8 years old on 08.08.88.....how lucky am I in China??! lol

Anyway I've only just realized this year that I'm indigo and my abilities are starting to develop now. Still not sure about my mission but am learning every day : )

I was born in 4th June 1981. Since I was a child I knew that I have a mission but could never find out what it was. Till 2 days ago I was completely lost, I knew I was different but I would dare to talk about this to anyone till by accident I found a quiz about indigos. By completing the test I felt relieved, I found out what I was looking for all these years. 2 days ago I found out this site and joined, you have no idea how happy and complete I feel (I know that the journey is long but at least it has a meaning now).

81 here...
Been searching for a purpose in life. At times, I spin into an existential breakdown, but then I bring myself back up. I have a love, hate relationship with myself and my life. But I'm learning to balance. I've worked in many fields and changed my major many times. I'm becoming more focused, though it has not been easy because my interests are so many and so varied. I am still childless, but I am a mother to many, like my friends and family. Kids love me and I love them. I haven't completely decided whether I'll have any children of my own. I have a tendency to see the best in people when they can't see it themselves, but this has gotten me into trouble at times because they have used me. I'm an empath on top of all that and I'm very sensitive in that aspect. My emotions are my strength and my weakness.

1978 here.

I definately find/feel that there has been a drop in the incidence of indigo / starseeds / insighters etc after a brief period in the late 1970s and 80s.
I have various reasonings and theories behind this and one of them is society as a whole changed and that has lead to less would-be indigo's etc wanting to incarnate / be born here.

[QUOTE=amoajunie;342302]Hi, I was born in 1979 and would like to hear from some other indigos born around that time- where are you in life?; what are you doing?; did you find your purpose yet?; some sort of basic background about how things are evolving for you.

I write this in hopes of funding support, for i feel i may have an answer withing reach, but it just keeps slipping away. I want to make the right choices for me and my young son who will no doubt benefit from me manifesting light as i know i should.

Many Thanks,

I was born Dec 1979.
I have found the love of my life and we have been together fer 4 years next week. I moved around the country alot... meeting people (getting to know people) that I will never see again. I listened alot and offered what ever pearls they needed to hear...
I pulled alot of people out of a belittlement holes, and out of religious constraints. I drank alot for along time and this is how I found most these lost people.
I really don't have any friends from the past and I do miss that, I drive away or fly away and its over never to be seen again.
I do seem to attract black feral cats and lost dogs...( no Idea why). I go though cycles of doing nothing, to writing, painting, playing guitar.

I guess the best way to describe me is that i have lived my life in blocks, I feel like a protector in a holding pattern. Like there is something big... and we are all walking.
I don't know if that helps, but I tried. :)

lately I feel like Lucifer has been misunderstood... a little light never hurt anyone... keep rising Venus.

1976 here...turbulent times till I followed my calling in art. An native American Oracle told me of indigo path when I was a child. Now as an adult n finding this site things finally came together,granted it took me 30 years of research when all I had to do is trust my own instincts. To the younger indigo,everything happens for a reason,what you go through now you will look back upon and be thankful...you are never alone...

1978 seen alot in life that i should have not however i learned a great deal from it all ,and thank god i,m at a place in life where i totally feel connected to god and allow her to guide me,my life is becoming huge as i no longer feel the weight that lay over me as i once did,

1977 here for me, I am prettys ure I posted here over ay ear ago or something like that....I run into a handful of people over the years who walk a similar path to whatI practice daily...it is lonelly at times, and so rewarding in so many other ways. I plu g away everday no matter what, something big is here and we are just a small piece of that big picture! :-)

1979, but only just...Dec 28!

Swimming against the tide seems to describe my life. Like many others here I am a full time student, studying Fine Art. From a very young age I dreamed of roaming the world, teaching spirituality and generally spreading the love I feel from the cosmos - sharing and healing. I have always felt that I am not human. I don't know where I fit in, or what I am supposed to do. I stopped thinking about it a long time ago -just pondering it a bit now because I am taking a new direction with beginning full time study - although I don't know what the universe has in store for me with it - something might take me away from it. I have studied a lot, taught a lot of my own classes on metaphysics, worked in corporate - even had a tibetan lama/ rinpoche as a lover for several years. Overall I have had many great experiences, but a lot of harshness from others also. When working in the corporate sector I tried my best to be very discreet - but my customers saw straight through me as a healer and my managers loathed me. I have been fired, set up and even had a university lecturer throwing dark energy at me and requesting I quit or he will ensure I fail every class.

I have always had a close circle of powerful spiritualists/healer types around me which has been incredible to say the least, and a completely opposite style of relationship that I hold with friends who are not so inclined. For a long time, I made a great deal of effort to have anyone and everyone in my circle of friends, but I realized sharply that it is dangerous for me to not acknowledge those who are working at the same level. Many, I hoped to be friends were really more like students, children or patients - and sometimes that is that, like it or lump it. I sincerely believe that spirituality/karma etc are not to be pushed onto others. This should not be interpreted as a contradiction to my previous sentences...

Earlier this year I found my twinflame. Well, he found me. He just straight out and said it, and moved in that day. All is very twinflame-like. I have an 11 year old son, so a young mum at 19. He is pretty intuitive, exceptionally loving and also extremely strong willed.

So interesting to read this thread.

I was born in 1978, ive been through things no kids should go through in life.
Also i knew i was different at an early age, i know i could see and hear spirit now when i was young but i didnt realise it then, i only wish id have found you people earlier and realised why i was the way i was.
Im the leader of a paranormal group now and for the first time my life makes sense.
Im glad i can talk to you and you all understand me, nobody else has ever understood me x

1982 as well, in May. Was always different from everyone I ever knew (and got picked on A LOT for it). I started transitioning into Crystal at around age 14 (when I had my first super vidid, completely aware recollection remembered past lives, life purpose and message, and other information from higher guides), and now at age 28, I think I'm pretty established as a Crystal adult (but of course, still evolving and changing). At present I'm working towards a phD, being a writer and an artist :)

Born in 1983. I can relate to a lot of what people already said. I have wanted to help people since I was younger but went through a period where I became terrible bitter and jaded towards society. I often feel like a wanderer without a compass, because I can see the goal but can't make much sense of how to get there. The issue is a lot of what I want out of life cannot be measured objectively so it is hard to determine how much progress I have made. Also my targets seem to keep moving, like I feel pulled to do one thing then the desire completely disappears and I start chasing something else. Lately just focusing on becoming a better and more developed person has given me some peace though I still have some vices and self-destructive tendencies. If I avoid becoming a slave to any substance, person or system I figure it will work itself out.

Not sure if this related it might be though - I have been having the reoccurring dream that I am trying to find my way out of a school once classes are over and when I do I always have issues getting home. Either I don't know where the bus stop is, or what bus to get on or I missed the bus. I guess it is because I am not clear on where I want to go. It is pretty symbolic of my life so far though. Last night I found the bus top and there were about a dozen buses so I was overwhelmed but in the end I felt like I did not belong any bus. So, the purpose is not crystal clear just yet. Maybe I should try flying...

[QUOTE=Violet Eyes;679544]
Not sure if this related it might be though - I have been having the reoccurring dream that I am trying to find my way out of a school once classes are over and when I do I always have issues getting home. Either I don't know where the bus stop is, or what bus to get on or I missed the bus. I guess it is because I am not clear on where I want to go. It is pretty symbolic of my life so far though. Last night I found the bus top and there were about a dozen buses so I was overwhelmed but in the end I felt like I did not belong any bus. So, the purpose is not crystal clear just yet. Maybe I should try flying...

school dreams!!! lol, are dreams that can't be ignored.
I had a reoccurring dream that I was at school, but I had been skipping so many classes and not keeping up with my homework, My dream started as a mid-year school day and I could not remember which class I had to be at because I was so unfamiliar with my timetable, and was too ashamed to ask anyone where I was supposed to be, because I should definately know. Also, I was pretty much failing every class subject unless I worked really hard, really fast...and even then it was going to be a long shot. (NOT a very cool dream...the symbolism there is all too depressing!)

***I cut my losses at my job, moved house, and now...if I were to have another school dream, I would imagine that I am tying up administration lose ends from my previous school, and starting fresh and new elsewhere.

My school dream was horrible, I have to say, but quite representative of how I felt in life at the time. I just couldn't seem to keep up with everything that needed to be done, or was expected. If I indulged myself, I could lay in bed and consciously dream of flying for hours. I feel very peaceful doing that. Astral travelling is more to my liking, rather than working, paying bills and dealing with this society it seems. Dam, I sound so Indigo right now.

I thought this thread was kinda cool, so who else is from the late 70s/early 80s wave?

1981 here. Turning 30 in December...but I'm actually looking forward to it, my 20s were hard and filled with a lot of strife. Good stuff, but definitely trying.

And I have found my purpose. It will be 2 years ago in November.

I was born in 1979. I've known my purpose since I was very young, but have spent most of my life running from it. I have always known that I am supposed to be helping others spiritually, and to help others around me see through all the mind control/concensus reality/hive mind stuff. I feel like a modern day Jonah, and the consequences of running havn't been pretty. lol. I've never felt like I belonged here on Earth, and had to work really hard to get over the hump of not wanting to be here or be amongst the people of Earth. I was very different than the other children at school and I paid for it. I went to a school populated by people of very dense consciousness and it was quite a brutal and violent place. I spent most of my teens and 20's in the negative polarity. I have learned a lot of hard lessons, and I suppose that is why I came to Earth. All in all, I am now a fairly normal adult although I do prefer to spend most of my free time alone without anyone else's reality cluttering up mine. :P I am at this stage of my life primarily interested in being a light in the darkness and being in service to others.

Hi there,
Here born in 1975.
I had found a way but recently found myself slowly heading toward something else.
I am currently a scientist, but getting back to a more spiritual way I left 30 years ago.
Both are not necessarly contradictory. I prefer to say that I add new strings to my bow, rather that I have not found my way. I continuously drawing my map ;-)
Peace to all

[QUOTE=checkmate;846261]Hi there,
Here born in 1975.
I had found a way but recently found myself slowly heading toward something else.
I am currently a scientist, but getting back to a more spiritual way I left 30 years ago.
Both are not necessarly contradictory. I prefer to say that I add new strings to my bow, rather that I have not found my way. I continuously drawing my map ;-)
Peace to all[/QUOTE]

Welcome, Checkmate, Welcome.
You are not alone in your area.
I meet weekly with a group of 12 people that have psychic abilities of one kind or another.
Roughly 6 of them have PhD's in Chem, Bio, Physics, and Electrical Eng. No longer with a Lab
we are talking about working together on joint projects using Psi.

I can help them to connect telepathically while I'll Remote View. With their direction,
and being connected we will be able see things they always wanted to see. With our
cross disciplinary approach we should find more questions for all of us to collaborate
on the possible answers.

It will take telepathic training and practice working together toward common goals,
but it should be fun for all.
[I have the administrative experience needed for this project.
No PhD, but one of my academic specialties was/is
Human Growth and Perceptual Development.] [born in 1930.]

Be in harmony,
be in beauty psychic child.

[QUOTE=Psychic Child;846545]Checkmate
You are not alone in your area
I meet weekly with a group of 12 people that have psychic abilities of one kind or another.
Roughly 6 of them have PhD's in Chem, Bio, Physics, and Electrical Eng. No longer with a Lab
we plan to work together on joint projects using Psi. I can help them to connect telepathically
and I'll Remote View. With their direction, and being connected we will be able see things they
always wanted to see and find more questions for all of us to collaborate on possible answers.

[one of my academic specialties was/is Human Growth and Perceptual Development.]

Be in harmony,
be in beauty psychic child.
It will take a number of practice runs, but should be fun for all.[/QUOTE]

LOL again with the claims PC. You really need to fix it. That old record keeps playing and playing.

the old gramophone still is working,
and you keep listening, particle.
Most interesting.
You really are intrigued.
Keep watching . . . .

Oh! particle,
have you seen my videos: Buddha's Umbrella
a Korean War combat story and the follow up
"Blue Skies" on my website yet?
You will really like those . . . . . . . ;-)
be in harmony,
be in beauty, particle.

Wow, I thought I found this thread before but turns out I didn't! I can't believe how young some of you are and how old and wise you sound! I am not talking down to you, just amazed by how wise some of the youth are. I guess that is a good thing because it reinforces my faith in humans. That is a bit shaky at times (typical of an indigo I guess?). I was born in 1971. So, been through my 20s and my 30s. I loved my 30s, the 20s were okay but I reckon I get better as I get older. I know I get a bit more mellow anyway.

It seems there are some way more advanced spiritual people/indioes here than I and I am not looking for kudos or a poor you when I say that, I am just very awed by the level of abilities and the intelligence! Humbled and perhaps I should work on my self-esteem too - been trying that my whole life - NO, I don't need a poor you. There has been a bit of negative programming that I find hard to shake and I realise was probably mostly inadvertant, well for the most part. It is crazy at my age that I still feel like a silly little child (not that little children are necessarily silly either!). Still, never mind.

Hi, I feel i have come across somthing very profound called sungazing and feel it is my loyal duty to be the example and spread this message to the world as it WILL change life as we know it. Please look up my thread at the cafe called "Sungazing for mother earths future" if your are interested and pass this on. Feel free to email for questions and tips too.

I was born in '78. My road has been a crazy hard contradiction to say the least. I always knew that there was a specific purpose for me. I am here to help and guide people in times of need. I too think I have more crystal traits than indigo. I have always perservered through many tragic events in my lifetime and I know there will be many more to come. But that's ok, I have a strong ability to overcome anything and show others the positive aspects. I've had 2 careers so far and have always easily excelled at anything I take intrest in. I crave change, which makes me seem flighty. lol I have frequent precognitive dreams and am intune with my intuition which as long as I go along with it doors just seem to open for me (metaphorically that is ;) ) People are drawn to me and I make friends easily although I prefer to be a loner as I have a tremendously hard time seperating myself from the feelings and emotions of others which really brings me down. Also, somehow I tend to manipulate people into doing things for and giving me things. I really don't mean to but I will have even just the silliest fleeting though like 'it sure would be nice to go out to dinner or have some thing I have seen at a store' and then out of nowhere a friend will invite me out (their treat) or surprise me with a gift. It makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty.
I am a teacher, and content with where I am in life for now. But I am always searching and keeping my mind open for my next move, I know that I am to do more in other places, for other people.
Lately I have felt a strong pull, I don't know what it is or where it is pulling me but I have felt that things for me are about to change, like something big is about to happen. It is a dark feeling that makes my heart race, I have had no luck 'steering' my dreams as I have done in the future to try and figure it out, idk maybe thats way more than you asked about lol.
Good luck on your journey!

Peace and Love

1980 smack dab in the center of Sag. Have always been aware of other realms. I recall dark forces speaking in strange tongues to me at the age of 4. Fortunately my mother encouraged my sensitivities and gave me tools of protection, which enabled me to remain connected to source. While I strayed from my path at times, I understand now, it was because I still had lessons to learn. Having learned these lessons has only enabled me to better fulfill my purpose with greater love, compassion and empathy.


I was born in 1982 - I was a VERY rebellious and violent Indigo in my childhood, but when I turned 14 years old I had an OBE and that marked my transition period into Crystal. I still held on to my Indigo values but my temperament became much calmer and I was able to relate to other people much more peacefully. I lost my way and found it back again and now at 29, while I'm aware of my mission and purpose, I'm still working on making it a reality. I have my ups and downs but overall, life is good, I'm grateful for everything and I want to keep going, always forward, and as open and honest as possible.

I was born in 1979. I don't know exactly if I am an indigo per se. My dreamspell version of my Mayan astrology defines me as a godseed. I relate to that definition, as I am a channel of sorts. I don't hold any sort of idea of success or a specific purpose besides to just be myself, do my thing here and now. I am have always been artistic. So that is one of the things I do. I also have my own pet care business I run with my girlfriend. I have found the things that work the best for me involve stepping one step further to the outer edges of culture and society. It feels a bit like I am an outsider or perhaps like exploring the wild frontier. I do feel like I have an active life. The OWS protests have really hit a chord in my life. It feels like so many things I have been talking about for so long it almost drove me mad, a few times, are now being exposed to the world and it is really purging all the doom and gloom out of my system.I live in Brooklyn directly across the river from them and I just feel the tides are turning. I feel like all the pushing through the bullshit my whole life and never compromising was truly worth it.

All I could say I've learned is use your heart and mind to visualize what you want to see happen and then plan accordingly and move forward. Now, I am not reffering to protests or anything with that statement. I am saying just do that and see things through completely and you can do whatever you want. Push through all naysayers and yaysayers. Don't look for validation. Just visualize,plan and move. I didn't take a course or class or listen to a lecture to learn that. Just don't contemplate too much or imagine answers to questions you haven't even asked. Just step your way down your path, at all costs, don't stop for anyone and move at your own pace.

[QUOTE=mikki;343435]Hello. I was born in 1973. I have been employeed with a human service agency for 10 years. I work with individuals with developmental disabilities. I have always been compelled to work with people or animals. I am currently enrolled in college seeking a human service degree. What would you like to know?:)[/QUOTE]
73's!!! HIGH-FIVE! I, in fact waited 2 years to be born to come in 73'. Best year ever to be born, sorry every other year.... :}
I went on a quest, to find what i needed to find in Germany, followed my insticnts here. been hard to imigrate, so needless to say i have a little job i don't care about. In the States, i worked for a Huge vegetarian worker owned co-op, taught belly dance too, pierced.
I do however have the opportunity here in Germany, to start teaching belly dance at a physiotherapists office, as a means of physical therapy. We have to meet and talk about al this, while i just have years of dance experience and have no training in physiotherapy. But I love the idea of using what i have to help people!

Hi AmoaJunie ~

I was born in '81 and resonate with Indigo and seem to have an Indigo "birth chart". I am actually in another transition (seems to be a key word for my life)...feeling like I am getting closer to my purpose, while feeling at the same time, I've been living my purpose regardless. (I always seem to shake things up...no matter where I go, or what I am a part of, it is always irreparably different...in a good way).

Found this website through a youtube video about Mary English's work on Indigo Birth Charts.

Hoping to gain community and clarity.



I was born in '81. For the past few years I've been dealing panic/anxiety attacks, social anxiety, and depression. It comes and goes to an extent, but, in the long run it's what lead me here (and also lead me to really embrace one of my biggest passions, art). It's been a hell of a rocky road, but I feel like I'm finally starting to come into my own.

As a child, I knew I was different, and I've always been more spiritually aware than most of my peers. I never really looked at it as good or bad, just different. Fortunately, I can usually get along with almost anyone, so I wasn't socially ostracized, but at the same time, always felt alone. School was always tough. I had a habit of pissing off my teachers by drawing or reading magazines or whatever during class, rarely doing homework, but still consistantly getting A's and B's on tests. Undermining their authority was also a fun pass-time (i.e. ask questions about the subject that they didn't know the answers to, but I did).
I didn't fair well in college, mostly because thats when the social anxiety really started to take hold, and because I dealt with it with "recreational" drug use. For about 6 years I dealt with problems by basically staying drunk, high, tripping, rolling. Pretty much anything but sober. During that time I'd go back to school for a semester, then drop back out, then go back, then drop out.
I stopped using hard drugs after a reeeeeally bad trip from mushrooms, and started getting full-blown panic attacks right after that. A month or two later I quit smoking weed cold turkey after that started setting off anxiety, too.
Did pretty well working some management and other "9-5" jobs for a while, but ultimately it was trying to make a round peg fit in a square hole, which caught up with me and caused what I'd guess you'd call a mental breakdown.
I haven't been able to hold a regular job since, but have managed to get by somewhat through my painting and artwork, as well as a lot of support from very understanding parents (my mom had the same sort of "breakdown" when I was about 10, so she knew exactly what I was going through, and my dad had been by my moms side throughout her ordeal, so he was no stranger to it, either).
I tried going back to school again this fall, but the anxiety was too much, and I had to withdraw from my classes. That "failure" lead to more depression and more isolation, which lead to more social anxiety, and the circle startes again. This time around, though, I decided to try the one path I'd been resisting, the spiritual path. I can't say it's been easy by any means, but at least I feel like I'm finally facing the problems, not the symptoms. Today, I felt good, had a good session with my therapist/ spiritual advisor, and not really much anxiety to speak of (it was todays session that actually led me here). Last sunday, I was literally packing bags and getting ready to check myself into the psych ward at the hospital. So, yeah, "ups and downs" is a fair description.

I can't really say I've found my souls purpose yet, but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere. If all goes to plan, I'll be officially opening my own custom painting business by the end of the month (I've been doing it "underground" for a few years, but don't tell OSHA. Shhhh.)
I'm still a bit of a mess in a lot of ways, I feel pretty optimistic right now.

Am I where a 30 year old "should" be in life? Not by any conventional standards, no. But I never really cared about conventional anything, anyways (although a nice house and a new car would be nice. lol).

Born 3.11.1982, year of the dog, and an indecisive Pisces -_- Since about age 12 I knew I wasn't from 'here' and always wanted to go back 'home'. I felt that at 'home' I had abilities that were too advanced for here, so they were locked away for this lifetime. I think that this is my lifetime of remembering how to do things the hard way. Like remember when cell phones didnt exist? We had to find a pay phone, we couldn't text, we couldn't check our email or see whats happening in our friend's lives, etc. Now imagine that they don't exist after you've become used to having one, that's me. Gah, why aren't we telepathic yet?! And I sometimes think in colors, does anyone else do this?

To see what abilities are being used by members go to:
Forum: Psychic Phenomenon & Parapsychology
thread: Types of Psychic Abilities
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Be in harmony,
be in beauty.

84.....hm....not doing much in my life yet...LOL.
Well, as for living, i would like to call myself a professional freelancer, doing lots of various things but with no bond with any company. This "profession" gave me a lot of knowledge n skill heheh.
My true desire is to research occultism/mysticism n brought it back to light, because in my opinion, those things are actually science/technology, but working more with energy/spiritual instead of material. And since i live in a country where those technology still strongly exist, well.....maybe one day i could write a book about it LOL....
anyway, wish me luck

... hiya.

78 and as a child i was greatly connected, that is until i suppose ketu and lilith started having a ball in my 12th...

i am rebuilding my life now, its been disastrous! i live through it by realizing and accepting that thisis a perfect storm. i assume i have Pleiadien connection for numerous reasons, and have been breaking through the Indigo growing-pains, and been "flame throwing" and attempting to build my 'crystal-castles' in the right and wrong ways instantaneously.

i have clairvoyant periods, and recently begin making/creating something(write, paint, sculpt with metal, roseBud rosaries:-), go into spontaneous mantras, or will often just leave my house walking or leave for no-where in-particular, but for the most out-standing reasons i find.

the dreams i have which seem indicative, but i cant remember so well, are colored with deep purple and black.

recently i felt i was able to remember/saw some of what i am to do, i have 22 life-path as well, and in this particular dream saw myself glowing white, above the earth, laying backwards with my the upper half of my body elevated. there was a large beam of "light" being streamed into my lower abdomen.

before moving across the country with my wife at the time(9years married) i would often have dreams i was on a massive field of green, with a slate-blue sky, i would lean foreward so far standing on this grass, and would then with the sensation of, begin to fall forwards with the curve of the land...snoop dog was there once, he was smoking a blunt, we were moving along together and he would begin to pass me the blunt, and as i would reach for it, he would yank it away and say, "thats whyyy" lol...oh my...i see what this benevolent-bulbous Snoop was saying maybe now. i am very sick/pain and have stopped alll medication besides marijuana, i became sick with an "invisible" auto immune disorder after feeling like something was telling me, that it was going to come and destroy my wife myself, our cats and home, it was on its way atm...then, the sensation that it, was playing prank on me, and will not ever come, maybe?!?

psychosis it seemed then for many months, i was despondent and speechless, agoraphobia then in a major way and i had never been before. once this mental-play lifted, thats when the pain games began, and i am not having much fun here.
ive been living isolated, with no transportation neighbors or "friends", my family is exhausted with me and i never see them either besides for rides to the local grocery-store. ive been sitting in this big ol empty house now alone for 1 year, and 2 years prior in this place, in bed in pain the entire freaking time.

on febuary 14 at around 230am, i began to "awake", i figured i was a goner but since then and attaining my light i have began to get better, and its incredible but still.


I was born in 84, cz I once so reliable 0-1 years old, then down again 1-18 (worst, lost My leg most of it problem with My health) 19 -early 24 (just fine and awesome, graduated from One of the best Univ in town, and also finished My Master Degree by Title Cum laude also had a Girl Friend, last one consider as good on because I'm not that good looking also handicapped Man) but last three years back to low level again, but just by this month I sense that it will getting better

In general just fine tho, despite has really hard time but I enjoy it, I have two awaking when I was 1 years Old and when I was 24 Years old, I know what Im doing but consider the environment around then have to make some adjustment here and then

hi amoajunie my name is victoria and i am an inigo born in 1978, i havnt found my purpose yet altho feel i have completed a few, i have just recently found out im indigo and herd of them. Things have not been evoling for me till last few months when i discoved im indigo, before that many weird stuggles and experences. happy to unswer any other questions u may have.

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