[QUOTE=Lindsey;862087]Hi AmoaJunie ~

I was born in '81 and resonate with Indigo and seem to have an Indigo "birth chart". I am actually in another transition (seems to be a key word for my life)...feeling like I am getting closer to my purpose, while feeling at the same time, I've been living my purpose regardless. (I always seem to shake things up...no matter where I go, or what I am a part of, it is always irreparably different...in a good way).[/QUOTE]

What do you mean by an Indigo birth chart?

[QUOTE=TStorme;888403]I am of '73 ...[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=ANewKindOfNeo;888691]i too am of 73...[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=kerianthrope;859662]73's!!! HIGH-FIVE! I, in fact waited 2 years to be born to come in 73'. Best year ever to be born, sorry every other year.... :}

also born in 1973

i've met alot of people from that year. like one of the communes i lived at , out of the dozen people three of us were born in 73, and we were each of the fire signs- an aries, a leo and a sag (me=))
then all the rest of the people were really young.
i think there s some other people here from that time period too....

[QUOTE=Lyndsy922;889456]What do you mean by an Indigo birth chart?[/QUOTE]

i still dont believe the whole indigo birth chart theory...well especially not the one put forth by mary english.
her idea seems totally unfounded, just random. the clustered charts are very very common in anyone born in winter in the last fifty years and IMO (which is studied on the subject of astrology) do not indicate indigo.

or really someone could be an indigo and have a clustered chart, or not.... or have a totally different general chart shape and still be an indigo.

its just a common chart because of the transpersonals all gathering in the later signs over the last fifty years.
in the winter time, and near a new moon, all the planets will be closer together...as the sun, mercury and venus all travel close to each other all year every year....when they met up with the gathering of slow moving transpersonals, there were many people born with bowl shaped charts.

i've gone on about this elsewhere...so i will just leave it at that.

i do think...there are some indications of ...ummm what to call it exactly? i guess indigo is one word..psychic gifts, and "advanced" souls, aka old souls, this can be seen in a birth chart- not by its over all shape but by a thourough analysis.

look to the transpersonal planets, certain kinds of aspects to the most outer planets...transpersonals in aspect to sun/moon/ascendant, especially with uranus and neptune, and even saturn will usually be strongly emphasized in an advanced soul/psychic/old soul chart. the nodes will usually be prominant too....

here some reading...especially since i am babbling off topic

https://indigosociety.com/showthread.php ... n-you-tell

a thread with much more in depth info about specific aspects indicating psychic ability:
https://indigosociety.com/showthread.php ... Indicators


this is a thread with mary english s theory, again i think its not accurate, but alot of people seem to be all about it without reason......and for whatever reason she is promoting this idea wrongly:

https://indigosociety.com/showthread.php ... ed!!/page7

I don't really like being filmed or photographed, I do allow it sometimes. I am interested in talking with everyone here about different gifts certain indigos have, especially ones that haven't been defined. I was born in 76 and I would almost certainly classify myself as an indigo adult. I have always felt things no one else could and have always wondered whether I was human or NOT. I know I'm not like ALL these other people. For the past five years I have always worn a blue cap, with aqua at the edge, I wasn't really sure why. I have written five books with themes about reincarnation and energy. Here's a poem I wrote not too long ago that tries to describe what it's like to be me:

I Dream Without Sound

I dream without sound. I see color on black and white television sets. I won't stay between the lines. I feel things others can't perceive. I don't know about people. I can't look love in the eyes. I ride energy. I believe in Eskimo kisses. I celebrate life, not holidays. I found paradise. I wish upon rainbows. I swim with dolphins and sharks. I fear fear. I associate with danger. I understand pain. I could be a lost soul. I always go to work when I'm sick. I know that it's all in my head. I trust smiles. I listen to birds. I talk to plants. I pray to the earth. I translate to ghosts. I can't stop writing. I dance better with the lights off. I always play to win. I'll never grow up. Will this ever end? I hope not...

I never wear shoes...not even to work. I crave chaos. I have too many pillows. I can't hardly wait. I thought it's never too late. I collect shells by the ocean. I mistake Water for God. I cover my ego with a band-aid. I long for my bed. I clash with the ordinary. I see no point in bored games. I have to remind myself the truth. I don't appreciate time. I can't see your point. What was mine?

I was born in 1979... At the moment, life as I know it:
I've just got back to my home country after living and working in three different countries over the last three years. I've had a constant profession: writing... And at some point I was teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand. That was cool... But as I've got older, I've found it harder to deal with corporate environments and am always 'apart' from my colleagues who are always going to lunch together and talking about things that generally don't interest me and as a result I've chosen to go where I've found makes sense for me and feels good for me. Sometimes people think I think I'm better than them because I choose not to hang with them, but that's not the case at all. We're just different.

That's been my main learning curb over the last three years: I'm not like most of the other people on the planet and I don't look at life the same way as they do. Again... Doesn't mean I think I'm better.... I'm just.... different.
So the last three years have been about learning who I am by experiencing situations and encounters with people which either show me if those are aspects of life I can relate to or not. If not, then I know... That's not who i am. It's has also largely been about inner growth and self discovery of what I am capable of and gaining the bigger picture of life.

At the moment, I am unemployed because I don't want to end up banging my head on the same wall every six months by trying to fit in with how the rest of the world operates. That is not me. I don't need all that clutter in my life. I like not having a house or a car or furniture or all the newest toys, etc. I like having my freedom and experiencing cultures and seeing the world with my only possessions being what's in the two bags I carry around the world with me. Life is so much simpler that way!

Because I don't want to do the '9-5' thIng anymore, I am working for myself, freelancing. It takes a lot of self discipline which I haven't quite got a grip on yet, but I'm learning.... And that's all that counts really!
I enjoy writing because I know that what I am writing, someone out there needs to read and be helped by what i have written. It can be incredibly rewarding if it's the right story....

I'm also at a place now where I've accepted who I am and that I'm different and that part of my purpose is to serve the higher good. I know when I've just completed 'a mission'.... But never know when I'm starting one, so I am learning to trust that I just need to be and the universe will take me where I need to go in order to be of service to the higher good.

I had several episodes where things have played out in such an exact manner of timing that I can tell it was an intricately put together plan of action in which I was an instrument of the universe or karma tonachieve the highest good. But like i said: I can only tell when the mission is complete, not when it's beginning. So I just go with the flow of the universe and if i see a path I'd like to take is blocked (there are several paths at the moment and they all seem blocked) so I know something is coming and I'll be led to where I'm needed.

So right now, I'm sitting quite still in my life (and trying to make money helping others through my writing while I'm doing it) waiting for the orders and POA of my next mission.

nice, i agree with what you write.

except i am into astrology
its weird because thats part of my fascination with it, WHY does it work?
ah you may not think it does, but i found it explained all kinds of stuff, and it totally got me.
like how can this be, that it explains so much......
then i turned into an astronut, and totally grokked it =)
but hey i can totally see why you think its just random and not accurate.

Since being chained down to a 9-5/7-3, day after day grind is like being in prison to me, my employment and income were shaky for a long time.
i definitely know this feeling. fortunately and unfortunately.

and o yeah, i get that too...with the paragraphs not spacing, its been glitchy like that lately, idk why. it looks fine when i submit it and then it doesnt post the spaces. you have to edit it, and respace it, but even then sometimes it wouldnt post right.

as my life is basically held together with duct tape atm,
i am kinda used to this general jankiness =) ah...its odd, but things are often just weirdly glitchy like that in my little corner of the world
i'm amazed that things usually go right..... sometimes =)

[QUOTE=roberto de leon;369772]

you want to make right choices? to have no choice is freedom, to have choice means confussion, when you trascend the current consuness level you see that the one who chose is condem to confusse and be mistaken.[/QUOTE]

Beautiful... Sooooo beautiful

Love and respect

Hi Rae

I'm a 1978 indigo... although I didn't realise it until an indigo boy pointed it out to me... bc he's an empath (and also my future life partner).... anyhow.... after saturns' return i'm lost again.... yes I'm doing a 9-5 job and HATING it... but it's a means to the end in the meantime.. I've just changed career.... but my life purpose isn't fulfilled by my 'day' job.. i think it's fulfilled by much greater things.. however i'm dealing with some major health issues atm so until that's sorted I'm happy just doing what i'm doing..

anyhow maybe that helps maybe that doesn't ...

Born 85 indigo, the generator type to generate peace, balance and harmony. Never did any good at school work at a dead end job when I’m not working I’m on drink and drugs a way for me to get through life. as far as my other purpose for being here is for helping other people out (which we all should be doing) just been on a course on hypnosis which involves healing not going very well though, see what the future brings. Hoping to make it in to the 5th dimension before long can’t stand being here feel like an alien at best.

I was born April 12, 1978
I have recently lost my job to corporate downsizing, and am now on a spiritual-self journey as I have 12 months of salary as part of the severance.
I am exploring my interests in music, and just been taken on as a personal student of a local university music professor - very excited.

I have found my purpose, and am very in tune with my experience - and have much to learn. Things are quite.....unique.

I am a retired hypo-therpist.
If I can help you with hypno
I'd be glad to.
Hypno is very related to psi-abilities.
It opens a direct line to the other 4 minds
for the acceptance of your intention suggestion.

Be in harmony,
walk in beauty.

Thumbs up for reviving this thread

[QUOTE=LucidDreams;893968] Have I found my purpose in life?... Do we really need one? I think that just to live, period, and experience life is purpose enough.[/QUOTE]

Oh, you must be so lucky

I am born may 80 still trying to make the money i need for a decent living without destroying my nerves. It seems that not even doing an activity i like, like writing, as an employee involved in a system, don't fit me. I keep learning things (that i like) in order to get a more appropriate job but the circle never ends. Seems like freelancing is the only choice, even if i am a mess when it comes about finances and organizing activities.

I think that i found my twinflame though. I hope. At least it feels like :).

I am here to love, to heal and reassure and this is exactly what i am planning to do. Soon i hope to find some courses to help me with healing (and have the money for it). I still have to read more about this. Everything i did until now regarding this i did only by following my instinct and call and it seems that i did it well :D.

My personal life is a mess but my instinct, the innerme, tells me that everything is going to be ok. it's a quite confusing feeling. I get anxious when i put it through a rational filter.

[QUOTE=amoajunie;342302]Hi, I was born in 1979 and would like to hear from some other indigos born around that time- where are you in life?; what are you doing?; did you find your purpose yet?; some sort of basic background about how things are evolving for you.

I write this in hopes of funding support, for i feel i may have an answer withing reach, but it just keeps slipping away. I want to make the right choices for me and my young son who will no doubt benefit from me manifesting light as i know i should.

Many Thanks,


I was born in 77, and my younger brother in 79. What I do for work ... I run a program for mentally and physically handicapped adults (diagnosis profound mental retardation, but also medically fragile . Yes I did wake up ( activate) at the late age of 32... However , I am a "blue" - and our incubation period is longer. ... We are retarded * basically .... Slower to develop. Maybe look at the blue ray comparison, easy to mistake yourself for an indigo because there's more awareness of them. I found my purpose and all of that. My questions all it answered and it got better. Just a thought....

I was born in 1978, still searching to find my path. I've gotten alot more aware of the energies in my body in the past few months and I started meditation a few years back, I have a friend who is in the process of teaching me. I read alot of spiritual self help kind of books but as I've said, I'm still looking. As Carl Sagan is quoted to have said: "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way"


I was born in 1985.
Still struggling with economical issues. I'm about 10 years late on my generation I must say, about studies and all. 'Cause I am unable to fit in schools, universities and all.
I'm very ill since 12 years, it doesn't help... but actually, illness is probably making sure that I will follow the path I am destined to.
I am apparently destined to music creation, which is quite complicated to deal with, especially in switzerland.

I still feel alone, I haven't achieved much... except more than 200 songs, that I don't sing quite often (it's not that I don't want to, I just don't have the opportunities for this).
My parents are actually supporting me financially, and I really wish I could change this.
But getting money in a normal way (stupid job, or anything like this) is quite impossible for me, I am way too sensitive for this, as I don't stand a lot of people's energy.

(Hum... I hope my sentences are understandable, my mother tongue if french, so sorry if I write topsy-turvy things sometimes...)

I should say that I had another great achievement in my life...
An achievement that made me quite sad actually, and made me feel like I did not miss anything in this world, and that I could die tomorrow...
I loved.
With a big L.
I've known this kind of love at 25, not before (even if I had plenties of love story), and it was a revolution into my life.
But... all good things end eventually. It was very short anyway, and if I know that my life must have a purpose, still... I'm struggling with quite everything...

So my motivation is decreasing.

I could change a bit of the world (mine first,... i hope) quite rapidly... but I don't have the tools for it, 'cause I need opportunities, support, hope, health...
I could even do this without love (romantic love), but I don't have any of these other things... so... nothing is changing yet.

I'm very very very very tired.

I just think sometimes that coming to earth was a huge sacrifice. I shouldn't have.


But well... don't get depressed as I am people... some of us need to keep being positive!

I'll write some other sad songs... it'll help a little.

1985 generation.... although just recently started with awakening survived some pretty shitty things last year....finished college, on Phd currently, quit meaningless job, enrolled in environmental science, fighting pollution :D. Stopped doing drugs. Trying to learn how to read messages from my dreams...becoming more self confident with every passing day....Waiting for my soulmate to awake and to remember me (this is most frustrating, he suffers and I can't do anything about this, I can just wait). Sometimes I still get myself in this depression mood, feeling homesick sometimes.....Sometime I wonder about where will I end up, am I on the right course, but something in my mind tells me I finally found my way...eventhough there are lot of struggles on my path somehow I feel connected with whole universe and I manage to not lose trust even in hardest moments...I laugh a lot...That's new....and I also cry sometimes without any reason....I just started with awakening, so much job for me to do still, but all in all I am quite satisfied with my life so far :DD Indigo fellows keep strength, believe...don't give up....we can make it :DDD

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