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I'm 1982. I don't feel like an adult at all. I thought i would be married and have kids by now, but i'm so messed up, i'm glad i don't. I had my childhood severed at the knees by the time i was 10, and it was downhill after that. I had wanted to be a paleontologist when I was about five, and held on to the dream until i applied for college. I almost dropped out of high school because I was exhausted and depressed, but then I managed to throw enough energy into the loop again to graduate from college with an art degree. I had that low energy exhaustion my senior year of college, too, and graduated, and moved back home, and that day i was quite sick.

I haven't been able to make anything really happen yet, I had a nervous breakdown, and I'm trying to put myself back together. I feel like i'm being forced to live in stasis to make up for those lack of years of childhood, but it's all wrong in a similar way that it was wrong before. Like what are we supposed to do at this age? All the foundations that our parents relied on for the societal program are crumbling. That go to college get a job get married have kids thing and work hard and you'll have enough doesn't WORK anymore.

I think the only thing that makes sense is to try to keep a focus and energy rolling on something that you know you want. Like don't do anything unless you're passionate about it, or you know WHY you're doing it. You gotta think about who you are as a person and what your values are. What do you need in life, what do you like? Because if you don't do that, there's no way to get to any positive energy at all.

I don't feel like i'm succeeding yet, but i've been dragging myself out of a very dark place based on that idea of passion and truth, with some result. it's like a bunch of stuff bouncing around on a spinning disc, that hasn't quite gotten into regular orbits yet. just gotta keep hopping on that carousel.... O_O

I am in that dark place a lot, and I'm seven years older than you. I have a useless college degree and have had job after job that I have quit because it does nothing for me at all. Not that you asked for advice, but I suggest tapping into something about yourself that sparks creativity, and run with it. I decided to learn soapmaking, and have started making some money...not a ton, but enough to supplement my husband's income every once in a while...being able to buy an Xbox card for my kids, taking them out to dinner (on the cheap, of course), funding my endless trips to Goodwill in search of books. It will make you feel like it means something, at least for a short while. You will still drop back into that dark me, I do, all of the time....but there will be bright spots when you let all of that creativity and energy just have its head.

[QUOTE=maurapisces;1114878]so is this thread for 1978-1984?

why is the starting limt 1978?

what if an indigo was born 1975?[/QUOTE]

My thoughts exactly, I was born in 73' and know of people much older than me that could easily be classed as indigo. So, I politely ignore the goldylocks era.

This thread feels like home, 1981 is the year of my birth and all the childhood memories feel like everything happened a couple year ago. When I was 5 I was feeling 10 years old already or even older than that but when I hit 28, I somehow started feeling "younger". I'm still wondering how and why but I feel that the journey is more important in the end and everything will unfold when it's the right time. :)

Hello, special people

I was Born in 1981 and was a fairly "normal" child although i could always sense things.. like there is something else in my room but never to the point where i could hear or talk to anything,
In my teens i was heavily into sports. Then around the age of 16, i started to have very strange dreams. One was a dove came down from the sky and landed inside of me.. which i can see now was my higher self. So at 16 i became different.. soon after everything changed and i was an outcast at school and was different.

For the past 14 years i spend my time around water as a lifeguard.. went thru many rocky times but did realize who i am. In 2008 i began to lose touch with most things around me and went through odd physical things and then i realized i was shifting (ascension) along with the planet and spend 2 years in what felt like another dimension other then the 3rd dimension.. it was mostly bliss. I had a child in 2012 which i now have sole custody of.. and currently i make movies, music and photography which i went back to college to get a certiciate in "photography/digital imaging.

I need a car to get a job in the field but i dislike cars so its quite a predicament.. i have the money, i just have to complete the driving stuff. I have two movies coming out.. one this year and one next year.. in the meantime i got into precious stones and meditating with them. I have also helped heal at least temporarily two seperate individuals back pain.. i have a massage table where i am willing to do healing massage with precious stones..

that's such a small part of my weird journey, lately i have just been reading about the shift.. it was supposed to happen earlier but it keeps being pushed back. I relate to very little left in this dimension but i do past the time with Netflix, Spotify.. creating art and my son.

Great to rediscover IS as i was on it before and now i am back.

Hello, (my first post on this site!) I was born in 1994. I'm currently attending community college and hoping to get a degree in counseling. I always knew that my purpose in life wasn't related to school and so I am always seeking my purpose in life. The main problem is money. I need money to travel and follow my dreams. But I know I'm the type of a person that will scrape money and follow my dreams in under any circumstance and age! :) Nice to meet you.

Re: late 70s/early 80s indigos?

Born in 80...just figured  out my indigo ness lol. I'm a hairstylist and avid pot smoker. Used to be an alcoholic....moved out of the city to Vancouver island to get away from all the ambient emotions there. I'm an empath with hardcore dreams. I haven't slept a full night in my life.  always new i was different. Still drifting aimlessly  and killing electronics in my wake lol...can never get anything electronic to last more than a year or even work day ill figure my life out lol... I'm also a healer and energy worker...

Re: late 70s/early 80s indigos?

I'm an 80's indigo starseed born in '88. I knew since I was a child I'm supposed to integrate the sexually oppressed peoples of society, into collective society so there are no longer and social outliers, or outcasts and to bring cohesion to the entire structure of society, to aim society towards the collective goal of psycho-social evolution, coherence, and cohesion.

I am supposed to reveal the expanse of the human mind psycho-sexually so that sexuality no longer becomes taboo, or elitist and sexist; and the act of intimacy itself can be had with, and without that sexual contact, to show how to connect to another human being (regardless of sex/gender) on a more profound level altering for the better our social exchanges and the way we regard the emotions of others.

I believe that profundity and authenticity in our social/emotional exchanges should be our striving goal so that understanding can be achieved which will bring us towards our evolution and reveal the collective direction that all humankind, coherence will be achieved, all will be of one mind, and of their own mind as well.
When we stop letting things be what they are in their entirety we reduce them to our current scale of thought, and never learn what they can be, and we are exiled from the entirety of the universe by an act of our own will

Re: late 70s/early 80s indigos?

I was born in 1979. ALways felt that I was a hero, somehow. But matter what, never lost that feeling of mission. Figuring a lot of stuff now, so, probabably, and I wander, why so late? I knew what I had to do early on, but just got a little lost. When you find your purpose, you know you have to go. Sometimes, when I hesitate, I feel that life throughs me in the necessary direction again. Nice to meet you.


2gogreen2 wrote:1971
I don’t know what to think about me. My mother had a miscarriage right before me. The doctors told my mother to abort me otherwise my mother for sure die losing me and her own life. My mother refused and for some reason and here I am. My mother had a very bad pregnancy, my childhood, adolescence and young adult life was not easy. I have suffered greatly, and for a moment I questioned why she just didn’t listen to the doctors, because my life felt so terrible. My life seemed to have no meaning, I did not understand humanity it was painful to watch, and it was painful to live. My mother had scarified so much to have me. I would never end my own life. My inter me cried endlessly for years, my heart was broken. I wanted badly to heal and help the world. Most of the time I tried to show kindness and people mistaken that with being stupid, I tried to stay pure at mind and hart, and show the light that was in me as a healer. I sometimes felt I was ahead of my time and that people were not ready for people like me. I was living so much for my age. I was able to see things most people didn’t.  As a child I could see and think outside the box. It’s strange but I attracted bad people? I felt and seen them and I could see right through them, I could see their thoughts and cruel intentions and was able to protect myself at a very young age. Now a woman I can say that all that has passed and in my intent to survive I have hidden most of my abilities, I can even say I am invisible, I only allow some to see who I am. I use what I have to help the people that really need it, it is not for all. For the people like me, I tell you, stop trying to save the world. The world doesn’t need saving. It is hard to understand, but the people in it need to grow at their own pace, there's some special individuals that might need you and you will know who they are and you will help them. My life has changed, it’s a lot better. I have learned to accept what we are here to do. I am at my last phase and have become strong. I have learned to control myself and to use what I know wisely. If you are like me you will understand my words to the T. I am a worrier healer of light and will come back when the time comes with many others like me.  I have seen us flying through the skies ready. It is our mission to live and learn to become strong body and mind, to learn to use the light. So to answer your question: Our mission is to live and to learn, our final test is to reach fulfillment, our purpose is to serve with tactic and use what you have wisely and with responsibility…(MY Opinion)
This is one of the wisest and best posts I have read. Thank you so much for sharing your light and inspiring others.

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