Can you feel something big is about to happen?

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This Constant Feeling..

I have this constant feeling of anxiety. Almost like I'm living outside of my body, but looking through my eyes. It's like being in a dream, every time I wake up. And I can't seem to put my finger on what it is, but I'm leaving more towards, this life is trying to prepare me for something..

This isn't a place to share personal problems, but I am in such a low point at my life that I would usually be very bitter and depressed. I would lock everyone out of my life and hide from everything that could hurt me anymore.. Moon in Cancer here. Haha, anywho. I feel like I'm coming out of my shell. I feel like I am being forced to look at things I don't normally like to look at, such as world events or my past issues. I believe I am becoming enlightened, but for something huge. I wake up every single day and think about the possibility of the world ending. I see every bad scenario possible out of situation I cross paths with. I feel like my mind is working overtime to try and figure out what this world is coming to considering this is how I usually come to conclusions, observation and intuition.. can anyone relate? Help me describe what I am feeling?

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