Out of wack big time, far from home in NE America

Hey guys,

What an insane last week I've had. Just wanted to put it out there that if any of you Indigo minded people are going to be out in the world for the time being, PLEASE beware. Make sure you have a backup person back at home if you're going to travel.

My distress started just getting to the airport. I landed with no cell phone, spent 3+ hours in shuttle/subway/taxi to get from JFK airport to my Brooklyn hotel. Along the way my bag busted open on the subway and one of my prescriptions went missing. I give my hat off to all the new yorkers who helped me along the way. Lots of kind souls out there.

Fast forward a few days, I met a guy I'll call starchild "Steve". I asked him for directions to the subway. Instead, I ended up driving his Mercedes around Manhattan, while his eyes where dilated from the eye doc. He treated me to dinner, and we got to giggle at the groups of NYC vampires. For real. They were so obvious.

The next day I rented a car from JFK. The car got a flat 2 miles away from the airport. I was stranded on the busy freeway for 3+ hours. Thankfully, I crossed the freeway and median by foot in the rain, without harm. God bless everyone looking out for me. It was def a group effort.

I'm in Vermont, to return home in a few days. Big props to everyone helping me along this mess of a trip.


Good to hear you are fine, be careful of what "pharm" stuff you ingest, while the "active ingredient" may be safe for indigos or similar folk, much of the time it seems the "addatives" are not. I have been thinking of what many people think are vamps aswell, most of them dont even seem to know that they are.....
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