Re: Channeling Lucifer

I personally don't believe in evil or lucifer. To me evil is just the opposite to live.
I think we are all connected as spirit and there iis no judgement. No morals. No right or wrong. Soul is evolving and there are lessons to learn these lessons depend on how far into evolving spirit is. I believe we are evolving towards unconditional love.
How do we know that we weren't like the people we judge as evil in a previous life or won't be like them in the next life.

LOve cheeneks x

Re: Channeling Lucifer

I also do not believe in the devil or hell... I believe in low spirits and entities, which are sometimes called demons. And about hell, hell is what we have created in our lives when we are disconnected from our Source. I do not believe there is an eternal place in flames waiting for us to join :) ... I believe both heaven and hell are states of consciousness. Maybe we need to experience both to be complete.

I believe we have been both victims and victimizers in the past. I believe it would be a natural evolutionary process. Just look at our history and what we have done to each other... What we still do to each other sometimes. Those have been the demons and this has been the hell created by such consciousness.

Maybe now we will be able to experience a higher state of being and leave the demons in the past... Or maybe not.

Re: Channeling Lucifer

Somehow, topics with lucy always end up being about good vs evil, when in fact lucy is always only about hardship if you're actually worrying, and is simply silence when doing something else, so "calling upon" lucy like such always risk to end up entering into the realm of lucy's twisted and wicked power just like that.
In my opinion, we'd be better of putting lucy on mute! :)

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