BlackWhite wrote:Has anyone here read it?

I ordered a copy and I'm going to pick it up from the bookstore sometime this week and as far as I can tell it looks very interesting and should deliver a good read.

For those who don't know about it check the links.

when you're done with it, mail it here please?
175 maple ave
bethpage ny 11714.
that would be greatly appreciated.-then returned once finished-

Hey there, BlackWhite,:)

I own the Urantia Book, been reading and rereading it for...um...10 years now. It's a wonderful book, chock full of good stuff...the Indigo Race, the music of the spheres, the artisan worlds...the Nature of the Universe...sooo much good reading! Really deep stuff...(table of contents could be a book in itself!)

I was drawn to the book because of its expansiveness...the majority of it doesn't even talk about Earth (Urantia), but all the worlds we have yet to traverse (they call it our career):p

I think if anyone wants to read it, you should get your own copy, because you're gonna want your own to underline stuff...(mine is soooo highlighted!)
That's not a book you'd want to part with!;)

Enjoy the read...come back here to discuss when you're ready!:D

Here Again

I'm so disappointed, I was unable to pick it up this week and the nearest possible date for me to go is this upcoming tuesday. :(

After what you said H.A. it makes me want to read it so much more.

I might just run to the store!

Urantia Book

Urantia Book

:eek: How awful...well, not really...it's only a few days away and WELL worth the wait!:p

You know what I really like about it, is that...for those of us Indigos who have a bit of ADHD:rolleyes: ...you can really just skip around and read what interests you. They're all written as "papers" so each is pretty complete in itself.

It's been 10 years, and I'm still reading it. Things you don't get right now, you'll go back to eventually and understand.

OH...and this is the only book that mentioned The Sea of Glass...which is a recurring dream of mine since childhood!!! I just thought I had a very rich dream world!!!:D

In anticipation with and for you,
Here Again

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book

:) I know The Music of the Spheres is mentioned in places...I think I have a bit of ADHD today...

For now, there's interesting info on Page 497, Paper 44 "The Celestial Artisans" which includes descriptions of:

1.Celestial Musicians (Spiritual sound/Spiritual light/Energy impingements/Color symphonies/Harmony of associated spirits/Melody of thought/The music of space)

2.Heavenly Reproducers (The singers/The color workers/The light picturizers/The historic pageanteers/The prophetic artists/The life-story tellers/The administrative enactors)

3.Divine Builders (The home designers and builders/The vocation builders/The play builders/The wordhip builders/The education builders/Morontia planners/The public builders)

4.Thought Recorders (Thought preservers/Concept recorders/Ideograph recorders/Promoters of oratory/The broadcast directors/The rhythm recorders/The morontia recorders)

5.Energy Manipulators (Physical energy/Mind energy/Sprititual energy/The compound manipulators/The transport advisors/The experts of communication/The teachers of rest)

6.Designers and Embellishers (The craftworkers of color/The sound designers/The emotion designers/The artists of odor/The presence embellishers/The tasted designers/The morontia synthesizers)

7.Harmony Workers

:D Yummy stuff, huh?
Sorry, can't pinpoint it right now...
Here Again

I just got the book today and began to read the foreword.

All I can say is this book is very intimidating, but only in the sense that it holds vast knowledge and that I'm eager to learn it.

Tonight will be one long reading fest. I tend to get the best concentration at night with reading and things.

Urantia book entirely on-line !? things sure do change

Urantia book entirely on-line !? things sure do change

Yes, very intimitadating, almost more than one can take. I found that if I start by reading where ever it falls open, I get more understanding. It is a stepping stone text for many. A course in Miracles, The Kryon Texts, Tesla Papers are all good reads too.

When I first acquired the book you had to fill out an interview page. I was "allowed" a copy but my friend Orien was not. This was quite a few years ago.

Things have sure changed because now you can
Read and search by word on-line


I too, felt that way in the beginning. The beginning of the book is almost like reading another language. So I started at the end of the book, which is the life of Jesus. It has more familiar language. Then I started scanning the index for answers to a question I had, or letting it fall open where it may and started reading. It slowly started to come. Then the understanding was like: WOW, do I really want to KNOW this?

I have not read or heard of, but the name itself, Urantia....... I do know and recognize that to be my "home" name for Earth.

I will have to find this book... :) thank you for the rememberance.. I thought I was talking babble with my nephew the other day.... much appreciation for the confirmation

Urantia Book

Urantia Book

:D LOL, fellow and sister Indigos...

This book has very expaaaaansive thoughts and ideas...which I looooove:)
Whenever you're ready for it, it's amazing...and as with any book, I don't agree entirely with all of it...but I feel alot of resonance with the Universal Truths that are evident.

Most of all, I love reading about the other planetary systems and life on them! I used to dream alot of "A Sea of Glass"...since I was a child...and Lo and Behold...it is the only place I've seen it mentioned! (If you know of any other references, please enlighten me)

It's like FaeChic says...It is wonderfully affirming...and once again, I don't recommend reading it straight through unless you DO want to get dizzy, LOL:eek:
I like to just open it up anywhere too!!! It's a wonderful read that way...more intuitive too.

Anyway...enjoy, keep learning and keep your minds open...
Big Indigo Hug:D

I have this book, had it for years, I heard soemwhere tis written by people who where once high up in the seventh day adventist's church or something like that, then they broke away, and chanelled that stuff. thats why its sort of biblical in a way.

I think its, a bit fear based myself, like the Bible no offence to any one.

if you got the time...

if you got the time...

its all very nice, and very enlightening... I'm sure, but, more wordy and complicated than life itself. I've read some parts of interest and ahhh
Ahhh, think I'm going to wait for the movie. LOL
what do i know:confused:
its all good

Every time I start reading it I fall asleep!!! its so big and dense.... but I was told to read it so here I go again.... Thanks for the bump and reminder!!! Maybe I should try the audio version :)

UFO cults seem to like it. Since I think Urantia is silly, I probably won't get picked up by the ships along with the other 143,999. Or whatever.
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