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I was wondering, what is everybodys good ideas/methods of 'system busting'? Aside from our warrior like characteristics, there are just some things we cant do without getting caged up in an institution. What are some better ways to help expand this new consciousness. :)

You know whats funny, that same night I posted that question, the answer came to me as I was drifting into dreamland. And what I got was... "Everybody is gonna be busting some kind of stupid system their own unique way. It gonna a natural thing whether they're aware of it or not. (which is probably better to not be aware of it cause it may be more effective - or natural)
I think at the time when I first posted (which was yesterday - sorry it seems like a long time), I was thinking something more of a grand scale, something huge,... but now Im convinced that even baby steps will accumulate to something huge.
- I read "something to wake up to", it was a good read =)
- Urr that second link hmm... they wouldnt let me do anything
- and the third "Indigoabuse" wow theres some pretty interesting people in there. very very interesting... almost out of this world.
Thanks for the links

Code.Decode wrote:I was wondering, what is everybodys good ideas/methods of 'system busting'? Aside from our warrior like characteristics, there are just some things we cant do without getting caged up in an institution. What are some better ways to help expand this new consciousness. :)
The answer for me is change myself to be the way I believe the world should be. Live it fully.

Here is an excerpt from a writing about politics that influenced me. It helped me in a 'general sense' understand my wrong thinking and what to do -- as my Elders say, you may take it or leave it - I share because I care. lol

"Look what happens when a group of people meet to discuss a joint project. If the members of the group love each other it will be much easier for them to understand each other, and by the end of the meeting, everything will have been settled and their plans will meet with success. But if they come to the meeting without love, in order to contradict, criticize and oppose the ideas of others, they will never find any solutions.

Why are human beings still so blind? And to think that they have such a high opinion of themselves! Believe me, if you are incapable of solving your problems, you have no cause to be so pleased with yourselves. If you are capable of solving them, alright; but, if not, you would do better to find a quiet spot in which to reflect on what it is in you that makes it impossible: your lack of love. The trouble is that people don't believe in the power of love. They only believe in the power of the intellect, in the power of a critical mind. For my part I have no faith in the effectiveness of such things; in fact, they are dangerous. Bring a little more love to the situation and your problems will be solved immediately and everyone will go their separate ways, happy and astonished that it was all so simple.

...Of course, as the public has no yardstick by which to judge, they are full of admiration. They say, 'Did you hear how So-and-so put the other fellow down? Wasn't it splendid? He really blasted him; it was magnificent!' And all the ignorant fools are thrilled. Yes, but an Initiate who saw that would not be thrilled at all. With the blind, anything goes; they will swallow anything, but an Initiate will not be taken in. Whom do adolescents choose as heroes? Those who are violent and destructive, those who are quickest on the draw! And the masses are exactly like adolescents.

Today, it is neither moral qualities nor intelligence that has the upper hand, but force. Everybody wants power because everybody is persuaded that power, the use of force, is the surest way to achieve success. But let me tell you that it is the very worst way. Power must never be first; it must always be last. A synarchic form of government puts love, wisdom and truth in first place, and power and economic interests are seen as secondary in importance. But, in today's world, this order is reversed: power and economics are given priority, and this is why the situation is going from bad to worse and, whatever people may think, it will not right itself because this order is contrary ot the laws of the cosmos, to the universal order."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I've found the most fun way for me to "bust a system" is to create a new reality. The original question mentioned a desire to avoid being caged, so I'll draw an example from when I spent a week in a county jail some years back.

There were just under a dozen men in my cell block, all in blaze orange and all being watched all the time through those one-way mirrors (instead of bars). Every couple of days, the guards would do a cell block shake down. This involved lining all the prisoners up against a wall, and searching everyone and everything for "contraband". I discovered that if I sat right square in the middle of the floor and entered into the right kind of meditation, the guards didn't even notice me. Not at all. While everyone else was being searched, I was blissing out, and all my cell mates watched me do it. It was hilarious; No one could believe it at first, until I explained how simple the trick was. If you present yourself in such a way as to be an utter impossibility in the reality of an observer (I.E. blissful meditation on the jailhouse floor), and not merely an explainable aberration (like if I had sat there in the fearful mindset so carefully cultivated by that system), the observer's mind will generally prefer not to allow for your possibility. It's all about the situation's dynamics.

Kuliana that's really neat! It kind of reminds me of school. It's really easy to sort fo get invisible at school, what with all the people. But it's true that the teachers always pick on the person that looks most bored, or whoever is embodying the vibe of their classroom the most. In history class last year, the vibe was so negative because the teacher was the kind of guy that would shout a lot and use verbal force to get things done, (lol he's retired now) but I found this kind of funny, and it began to ware off on others. (or others may have just realized he was being funny too.) So every time he would leave the room it would be like a 2 minute party, and we'd really all work together to watch when he's coming so we could go "back to normal" before he entered the room again.

ahhh.. If only the world could be more like sophmore history class: Secretly collaborating to put tyrants in their place in a humorous way.
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