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In New Age circles there is a great deal of talk about the subject of glamour.

New Age groups, the esoteric and occult groups, fondly imagine, of course, that they are without glamour. They tend to see themselves as the most advanced groups in the world, above and beyond the glamours which beset ordinary humanity, and as particularly fitted to guide the rest of us into the same, blessed, glamour-free state in which they happily reside.

This is one of the biggest glamours of these groups. What is glamour? When we are asked what glamour is we can more easily answer, what is not glamour? There seems to be nothing which enters our mind, comes out of our mouths or concerns us in any way at all, which is not saturated with glamour. Glamour is illusion on the astral or emotional plane.

There are three levels of illusion, all pertaining to the personality. Illusion on the physical plane we call maya. On the astral plane we call it glamour. When it is on the mental plane, we call it illusion. The vast majority of us live constantly in a state of illusion, the result of not seeing reality as it is. Eventually, we come to an understanding that this physical plane world, our astral and emotional life and even our mental ideas are nothing more than illusions of one kind or another

The real world, which we can only know through the development of soul consciousness, is something which we have to reach and experience through the practice of meditation and service. Through meditation we gradually form a contact and eventually an alignment between our personality self and our true Self, our soul. When this is established the soul can throw its light on to this illusory life, physical, emotional and mental, in which we have up till then lived.

That is what evolution is about. We gradually evolve out of the darkness of our illusions, physical, astral and mental, into the light of the soul, the true reality. Before this process of change takes place we do not see the harm that maya, glamour and illusion do to us and the world. When we are in a state of glamour, of illusion, we are quite content because we do not know anything else. Our glamours, our illusions, are very comfortable for a long time. We have illusions, glamours, because they are comfortable. They help to bolster our ego, or denigrate our ego, depending on what we wish to do.

We are all of us rather unevolved and so demonstrate these ray qualities in their obverse effect; not the virtues but the vices of the rays. All of us have the vices of our rays, without any doubt at all. And those who are in the process of trying to find out their ray structures are best instructed to do so through the recognition of the vices of their rays.You may have some of the virtues; you will certainly have the vices. Not because you are any worse than anybody else, but because you are human.

Humanity lives under a great cloud, a great pall of murky darkness, which surrounds us even if we don't see it. It interpenetrates all our being; it is called glamour. Glamour is the result of not seeing reality as it is. As groups form and work together they demonstrate, necessarily, their ray qualities: some of the virtues and certainly most of the glamours of those rays.

There are seven rays and seven times a multitude of glamours. Rather than going into individual ray structures and individual glamours and how to handle them, I would like to talk a little bit about how these glamours affect the interaction of individuals in a group formation. A group comes together under karmic impulse, ashramic necessity and soul purpose. These are the three factors which bring an esoteric group, for example, into existence. If this is the case let us assume therefore that we are talking about a serious group with a serious purpose in coming together and not on some kind of whim. This being so, it will be very important how that group actually works; each member in relation to each other member. The group dynamics become very important; they matter. If a group is to function properly, each member will have to give of his or her best.

In New Age and esoteric groups there is no lack of desire to do one's best. These groups are saturated with idealism. There is no lack of idealism today. How is it that we have such a rotten world then? Because the idealism never results in any kind of action. It remains a vision, an ideal.This world is filled with great idealistic notions of bringing peace, joy, the end of suffering to the world. Yet every day we have suffering, we have war and starvation in the world. So what about the idealism? It is glamour. It is unreal.

New Age groups probably more than anybody else are saturated with this unreal idealism. There are registers, thousands of names long, of groups with wonderful names: "The Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of World Servers in the Light", or: "The Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Creators of the New World", etc. They are all 'Universal', they are all about 'transformation', they are all full of 'Light' - and a lot of hot air. They come together regularly and talk about transforming the world and creating conditions of love and light throughout the world.

You do that, they believe, by talking about love and light, by recognizing that the most important things in the world are love and light, that if only enough people in the world knew that the things that really matter are love and light we would have a wonderful world.There are thousands of such New Age groups all over the world. And of course they are not wrong. The world does need love and light. But they don't do anything about it. They don't address the problems of creating the conditions in the world in which love and light can come into manifestation.This, I think, is the major New Age glamour.

There is a particular glamour of a particular ray, which for the moment will be nameless, which assumes that if you can name a thing, you have it in your pocket. Let's name the most blessed state for humanity: peace, love, brotherhood, wholeness, unity. As soon as you can see it or name it, you have it. All the world needs is to see that it needs peace, love, freedom, unity, etc. This glamour imagines that if you have the vision of a thing you have the thing itself. That is the major New Age glamour, I believe. It is, of course, total self-deception, a purely astral idea.

The vision is seen on the astral plane, imagined as a vision of love and light and peace, and just having the ability to envision that is deeply satisfying. You don't have to do anything more. That is glamour. Glamour is taking the unreal for the real; the vision for the reality. Of course you have to have the vision. If you don't have the vision, you can't create the reality. But you have to make the vision real on the physical plane. Otherwise it is glamour.

To advance individually and in group formation there has to be complete impersonality in relation to each other and to the work. Sooner or later that impersonality has to develop. The problem with glamour is that when we are in the glamour we don't see it as glamour. That is why we like the glamours, they are comfortable, they keep us from seeing reality as it is. So they are protective devices. As soon as the light of the soul through the more focused mind begins to recognize the glamours and show them for what they are, a very uncomfortable situation develops. A glamour which is seen and recognized, but still lived within, is a very uncomfortable thing. It can only be overcome by not giving it any energy; by withdrawing the attention from it. Our glamours are maintained by the effect of the basic law of occultism, that energy follows thought. Wherever we put our thought we put our energy. If our thought is all directed to ourselves, then all our energy is directed to ourselves. And if all our energy is directed to ourselves, there is no interplay with the other, that which is outside ourselves. Then we feel unloved, alienated; we feel isolated, miserable, because all our attention is directed to ourselves. All of that is glamour.

It is the illusion that we are separate. If we could only recognize, and live, the fact that there is no separation, there would be no glamour. If we have a pain in the physical body and we direct our attention to it all the time, we will continue having the pain and we will make the pain worse. We will create inflammation and make the whole condition worse. If we direct our attention to the world, to the needs of the world, our energy will flow from us out into the world. In meeting the needs of the world we forget about ourselves. And when we forget about ourselves, the glamours go, because we have taken our attention, and therefore our energy, away from them. So, too, goes our misery, our pain, our isolation.

The great secret in transformation is the re-direction of thought. ... bcreme.htm
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