from extracurricular got a lot of exercises done to the students

from extracurricular got a lot of exercises done to the students, to enable students to master the compounding method of calculation. Can be done faster and better students help the students do not do their own understanding of the subject and tell them to listen, so that ultimately makes a poor foundation, students can grasp, and let the basis of poor students on their own learn to summarize, students learn better compounding method to acquire more skilled to achieve win-win. Finally, let the whole class debut compounding method calculation problems and to do it in order to consolidate what they have learned,nike air max billig, making the whole class to further improve. In which the entire class, teachers act as the The after-school learning conditions for students a survey, students are asked 30 people,michael kors nederland, of which 85% of the people think that learning enthusiasm to improve, and 100% of the people think that for the calculation of compound interest law completely master visible learning effect is very good. Implementation according to the specific content of the real scene reproduction the pedagogy real scene reproduction method allows students to put yourself in the fully appreciate the process and the result of a variety of situations that occur in a variety of roles which, to acquire the relevant knowledge and proficiency in the use of the learn to analyze and solve problems, improve practical skills. In teaching funding management, can use the real scene of the work of the various departments

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