Isn't it beautiful that we can all make meaningful connections on this site with people we do not know. Sometimes we do not know if the person is male or female, we don't know what they look like, we don't know what they have and none of it matters. It is their energy we are attracted to, what they write about.
I imagine in spirit it is a lot like that, just energies with no earthly trappings. :)
LOve cheeneka x :cloudh


Isn't it beautiful also how you can have a complete relationship with people who are not in your psychical life, yet, we can care for them, worry about them, fight with them!:) love them, want to help them, they become like family. :)

That is how I feel about this site.

LOve cheeneka x


Hello... I have met with very few people from these web sites.  Talked to more on the phone.  Had a few beers on several occassions with one (at hooters) and later he was on 60 minutes. They did 30 minutes on him, accusing him of stem cell fruad. His lab was not that large and he told me he was targeted by the big drug companies, which is believable. I do not believe he intentional swindled anybody, but his methods may not have been high tech.


I probably will end up with another dose of "murphy's law" for saying so but I guess it is because I spend so much of my daily work chatting and in and out of systems the concept of "meeting" someone from a forum in some way being different from talking with them in this format is just foreign to me....and I met quite a few people from the old IS, spoke over the phone with a few too....mostly people just were who they seemed to be. What I think is sad is when you can only allow a portion of whom you are to shine through in one place or with one set of people....just be whom you are, that is your gift to the world every day :)


Hi, Cheeneka, I totally agree with you about connection through energies. Its not what people look like, but what their spiritual energy is that makes a difference. My career is in care, so I see lots of people all the time. Right now, I cant sleep, so I thought I would write here. 
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