Please help me.

I lost my soulmate I've tried to deny it to myself for to long but now I know. My mind is completely messed up, even balancing my chakras hasn't helped. When we were together we were telepathically and empathic ally connected, he suddenly one day just walked away and got with another girl two days later, I was heartbroken, I had to watch him go through two relationships and now he's happy with a girl that he loves andi'm my own, I made myself forgive him and we became friends again but then the connection got too much knowing he didn't truly want me as he was still with his girlfriend so I cut him off and tried to to sever the link we formed, I don't know if this link is still active as he has an ability to block me out but I feel like there is no-one truly out there for me now. I don't know if he's my soulmate or not, can any empathy smart people or pshycics please read me and tell me the truth? I don't know what else to do. I've realised everything means nothing and personally I know nothing, everything is connected but not connected and I don't know what is right or wrong anymore. Please, they say losing your soulmate can trigger a spiritual awakening but does this mean I'm going to be on my own forever? I tried to move on by getting into another relationship bit it just didn't fill the void he left. Please help. Love and blessings to you all x

If its meant to be its meant to be.... I know its lame to say and to hear, but its really true. I have been (and am) in a similar situation, and for over 10 years I have been dealing with what you are feeling. It's soul-crushing. But its teaching you how to be stronger, so strong. The more you fear losing him, the more you will lose him... because you are reacting from FEAR. that is the emotion going into the link, the connection. We do have many soulmates, there are lots of people that you will encounter through life who you will have this intense connection to- those tend to be part of your "soul-family"... When the time is right, there will find a way... often when you are least expecting it. Time heals wounds... yes it leaves scars, but it does heal... it stops the bleeding... I know that what you are going through is incredibly rough and its hard to breathe or think or sleep or eat, its shredding your insides... just let yourself feel it knowing its TEMPORARY. that's a very important thing i learned, so much is temporary... so often i have thought everything was completely over, forever done, i was going to be an old cat lady in a cabin in the woods... and so i picked myself up off the floor and continued on my merry way and BAM i hear from him 3 months later... so you never truly know... look toward the future... hold in your mind WHAT you want, not WHO you want... the secret says if you beg for something you are sending out messages of fear, and the universe responds according to the fear, but if you focus on WHAT you want you are putting the energy into striving for the WHAT and the universe corresponds to that <3

I know its rough love... but its going to be okay *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggs*

opiumchild's totally right, life is unexpected, you cannot control it, unless you wish a boring life. I've had a girl in my life who I dated way back and she just kept showing up, she got married twice but kept coming back into my life, and she just came back again, and I have no idea what is going to happen next with us but no one ever does, you just need to trust in the process of life.

Onlly "try" if you intend to include the possibility of failing. "Do" does indicate "resolve", both to others and to yourself. You "can" do it, in fact I know you "will" do it,
Let go, embrace the emotion, face it in its full splendor.
Realize the nature of it, in doing so accept it. (its ok to express any emotions that might surface)
Accepted it can be released, into the earth through your feet,
The lesson the experience remains, but the hurt is gone, isnt it :)
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