Seeking Advice on how to open up more.

So I have this issue, where people tell me that I am hard to read, and I can even feel what they are talking about. it is like I have turned my self off. and I need to turn it back so I can live more fully with others, especially a significant other. I do not want to be closed off, and I was told I should seek out the advice of like minded friends, so any advice on this would be most appreciated.

you're probably the kind of evasive person in your way of communicating. This does not mean, however, that you are closed. can sometimes be try to be more direct, frank and straight to the point without making unnecessary detours.

I am the same way. I was raised not to be an open book so people wouldn't take advantage of me. Later in life I learned that this wasn't the way. I had to learn the trait to be more open, it still doesn't come naturally but I am much better now. I don't really have good advice for you.


I would suggest more of a self reflection process. Before you can be authentic and open with others you need to be clear about the self and all that you are.

I hope that this thought will resonate with you.

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