A Favorite From Rabindranath Tagore

From Rabindranath Tagore's book, The Gardener.

The tame bird was in a cage, the free bird was in the forest.

They met when the time came, it was a decree of fate.

The free bird cries, "O my love, let us fly to the wood"

The cage bird whispers, "Come hither, let us
both live in the cage."

Says the free bird, "Among bars, where is there
room to spread one's wings?"

"Alas," cries the cage bird, "I should not know where to
sit perched in the sky."

The free bird cries, "My darling, sing the songs of the woodlands."

The cage bird says, "Sit by my side, I'll teach you the
speech of the learned."

The forest bird cries, "No, ah no! songs can never be taught."

The cage bird says, "Alas for me, I know not the songs
of the woodlands."

Their love is intense with longing, but they never can
fly wing to wing.

Through the bars of the cage they look, and vain is their
wish to know each other.

They flutter their wings in yearning, and sing,
"Come closer, my love!"

The free bird cries, "It cannot be, I fear the closed doors of the cage."

The cage bird whispers, "Alas, my wings are powerless and dead."

Re: A Favorite From Rabindranath Tagore

tree wyrm... okay i'll be nice to you just this once.. some people you just... ya kno?...

|The futility of Love.
I mean it's a beautiful story.
Does anyone get a feeling of dissonance from it, cognitive dissonance... that feeling in the middles that something is just wrong and there's nothing can be done about it? It happened its over and there's nothing left but to just breathe?

or does it give you a feeling of wanting to rise above it knowing its an opportunity to create healthy change?

What would you do if you were one of those birds?
just let it be... one flies away and the other flounders on the ground?

Do you think it's plausible for the birds to change their disposition? The caged bird could slowly build up the strength to fly, and the free bird could be offering support and encouragement...

and then there's that whole other level of 'just be' anyway.

tree wyrm, lol... forum rules say i gots to be nice to ya so... Hey Buddie hows it goin' good to see ya!
Call sometime we can get a frosty one at the local barr... lol
can't believe i said that omg!

Tagore.. inthe know?
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