4125 miles away

Do twin flames exist?
Can I live without you?
I met you 3 months ago
today is the first day without you
I'm sad, afraid and feel lonely
I know we will be together again
It was madness
we didn't leave each others side
never had an argument lasting more than hours
we read each others mind
I knew your birthday before I met you
I am everything you asked for, literally
you are everything I thought
wish the age difference was smaller
but whole my life I knew I think

I came at the right time
everything went right
you seem like the opposite and the same
we talked for hours from dusk till dawn
never separated more then mere hours
you are the yin to my yang

It is crazy
from the moment I chose my path
I traveled the ocean and within a week we met
I knew I had to go to that city, don't ask me why, intuition

We shine together
countless times we heard we have an aura together
everyone thought we were together before we were
it is so strange
everything works what we do
you give me so much strength

I can see your eyes
they look like mine
the same blue, with the same strange corona
we spend summer, halfway autumn
and I can't leave you alone through winter

I'm back home now
a little further away
and I'm so skeptical in mind
but I believe on some level

I don't know if we are soul mates
or twin flames
I only know
I love you
you said you feel you know me already for thousands of years
and me, I'm not so in tune with my emotions

Maybe in this separation, until you come over
or I find a way to be with you, which I will do
I will discover more
I seldom cry, but when I left, I did
It seems beyond love

I don't know how to explain this
to friends and family
I can't even start

You said we always be together
I said I always will protect you
even if we break up
I would be there for you

you love me, I love you
we came together in the most amazing string of events
it seems like a movie
it seemed like a dream
it feels like a dream
we laughed together
played together
worked together
loved together
danced together
walked together
lived together

You seem timeless
I seem timeless
I don't know why I post this
maybe it is my last post
as to say to this forum
that I found my flame

I know I have a goal
you know you have a goal
we are both intuitive
I see the future and connect ideas
you see the present and connect people
we build bridges each in our way

They say that it is rare for twin flames to meet
It feels like it is my last incarnation
I told you that early on
You said I have an old soul

It is funny, scary, sad and joyful
melancholic and blissful
it hurts and it heals
Whatsoever is truth

~~'~~,[email protected]

Been three days
of loneliness and angst

You feel the same
in this I find comfort

I know intuitively why
the universe unfolds this way

What we have is rare
You told me so
I wish everyone to experience it
once through the lifetimes

my soul, your soul
let us dance --they do
let us play -- they do
let us be children -- they do

As I thank whatsoever is for meeting you
I thank for being split up for a while
Though it hurts unlike any pain
It is truth and the unfolding

for what we have is more than you and I
through lives and deaths
guided by whatsoever is
for a reason we both intuitively know

~~'~~,[email protected]
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