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Hello, I am wondering if anyone has words of advice on being in a relationship with a non-indigo? i find it hard to trust many people - this has always been an issue for me, especially due to previous life experiences. as i become closer to my new partner i am finding that a lot of these issues are coming up, i find it hard to trust him and I'm really not sure if it is due to him being dishonest or my own interpretation of things. I have a strong desire to leave, to run away although I know deep inside that I am loved by him.
anyone else ever struggle with this?

Trust is a big issue when it comes to relationships. I have found that if a couple really cares for, respects, and connects well with each other, then there really aren't too many major trust issues that come up. When there isn't a great connection, and/or one or both partners stop caring, or respecting the other person as much, then the trust issues begin to surface.
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