Any advice?

I've been pretty unlucky in romance lately... I've been dating these people who either are manipulative or have feelings for others. I have a very strong feeling that there is someone out there for me but I'm losing hope... Sometimes when I'm feeling down my 6th sense gets kind of numbed and my fears get in the way of things.

I have this thing that happens where when I close my eyes this blue dot opens in the center of my vision and I see pictures inside it. I tried asking what my future holds and I see pictures of myself getting married, and holding a baby. I can see the outline of the guy but never his face.

I don't know guys... what do you think? If anyone can help interpret these things or can do a reading I'd really appreciate it. I can also help with anyone who has any questions for me in return...

Our desire for having the life we have, make us see images which are related to the future. We envision those possible futures so as to manifest them, to make them happen. I can totally relate to you because I've been there. You said you don't feel lucky in romance, maybe that's a sign to step back and a bit and reevaluate all those experiences you've been through. Being used, hurt and manipulated is a pattern that needs to be broken. Make the connection to all those people who treated you like that and find what they have in common. By realizing what is be done wrong, you can fix it by making different choices in the future. There is always someone out there waiting for us, so don't lose hope! :)

hold that image in your mind and embrace that. it is your visualization of what you want. it doesnt matter what the guys face looks like, because he will show himself when the time is right... the "secret" "law of attraction" "manifestation" all are true in that if you believe you will create :)

until then.... you might be unlucky in relationship matters because you still need time to work on YOU (im there with you <3). There might be a reason you are being attracted to manipulative or unavailable men, maybe there is something in you holding out from getting TOO attached to these people that will prevent you from manifesting your vision... or maybe its because you don't feel worthy yet...

but i agree... there is that person out there for you, it could be tomorrow you meet him, or even 2 years from now... but your heart is always your truest guide. <3

Well, I am going to be somewhat blunt. Women (well people) in general attract thease kind of people when they see a "prey", now, there will always be jerks out there, always. Think not of why you "cannot do", and think of "how you can" instead. Find out what you have to change in you, in order not to allow them to pray on you.
Find reasons to be happy, whatever that may be. Do it in places you might meet men maybe, it is most charming in women if they just act like themselves in happy conditions.
Dont radiate despair, radiate of your true self, vibrate a happy glow, who could resist that?

Thanks everyone! I understand what you're saying about working on oneself. I didn't have the best childhood, and also lost some people that were dear to me. I go to Al-Anon meetings to help, and I find that when I go, I do a lot better that week. I also realized that when I'm happy and and secure and engaging with people, men approach me.
I'm curious about manifestation tho. I've heard of it but don't know much about it. Is it really effective?

I like to think of these "crappy" relationships as learning experiences. Ask yourself what you have learned from from them. By the way, I have also dealt with manipulative people, and it gets really frustrating trying to figure out whether they are being honest with you, or not. It's like you know things don't add up, but you can't put your finger on anything specifically. I finally figured out the last one I was with, probably suffered from a personality disorder.
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