Social Experiments And Their Impact On People


Today I stumbled upon this video and while watching it, I started questioning the material and the behavior of both sides - the "drunk" girl and then men who interact with her. When the video was done and after reading many comments from all those people who watched the video, I started searching around for more videos like that one. I found many of those "social experiment" videos, then I started wondering about the whole concept. After watching a bit more, I realized that the negative aspect in these experiments are stronger than the positive ones. For example, in this video there is only 1 person who is trying to help the girl while everyone else is trying to get advantage of her. That makes feminism stronger and women losing their trust on men even more.

On a bigger scale, this makes people get themselves isolated, more afraid and even making them feel that people are not to be trusted. Then we are wondering why people are afraid of making connection with others. I have seen here threads about people who feel lonely, who are not being understood. I've been one of those people, I was hesitating to extend my hand and reach someone else's hand only because I was afraid that the other person wants to take advantage of whatever good I would possibly have to offer. I failed to realize that most people have the same fear. It's not the fear of connection but mostly the pain of disconnection afterwards.

We cannot connect to everyone but definitely we can connect to people with similar interests and beliefs. If you want to break the ice, just smile. If your logic finds a bunch of reasons not to make a connection with someone, let your intuition remind you why you should do otherwise. Social experiments like the above only reflect a part of our society but most probably they are already manipulated to make all of us form a specific opinion about each other. Don't let distorted viral videos create a delusional atmosphere. Read behind the words, see behind the walls and feel the intention of the people who created those "experiments".

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