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I was mentally abused by my ex. He is still stalking me. I was treated in most inhumane way possible, rather I would say like an insect. I want justice because he is still stalking me online. I am in middle of my studies and I get disturbed. I want courage because currently he is in really powerful position and I am not. To make it clear why I am describing all this is because I live in India where I am scared and have faced all my life show me the man I will tell you the rule. If I complaint to police I would have to specify his name and am not very hopeful from police side, I mean that is what the apprehension here is. Please suggest something
With love and hope

Re: Need advice on something personal

I am sorry to hear you are in such position.
Unfortunately, I do not know the women, men or social situation in India. I will try to give my advice here.
First, I think that you have a perception which is very limiting for you. That perception is that the man will tell you the rule. I understand that this perception may come from your life experiences and culture possibly; but still, I think this may be keeping you from taking action to put yourself in a better position. I understand that the situation seems very complicated from what you have written here.

You must believe in yourself and fill yourself with courage to face life and its challenges. If you want to break free from this situation, then most likely you will find challenges and they will require your courage and strength.

Work on building your self confidence and on becoming more mentally strong. Believe in yourself and have faith that there is always a way out, even when we cannot see any.

Ask your Higher Self (or whatever power you have faith and trust in) to show you solutions and possibilities for your situation. They can come as new ideas, intuition, people telling you things, etc that will resonate with your situation. Then you will have to take the proper action based on the new insights that you get.

Remember that you are the main creator of your life with your perceptions and beliefs. If you see yourself and feel like a victim, this will be your reality. If you empower yourself, your interior and consciousness, you will affect and change your life situation with new ideas and mindset.

I know it is easy to feel stuck in some life situations; I have been there. But we really have the inner power to change our life and to create it.

Trust in yourself and trust in your higher power and you will see the solutions and new possibilities for you.

This is what I can suggest right now, without knowing too much about your life and situation.
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