Synchronicity Advice?

I used to be on IS ages ago and I am back because I have had life turned upside down and it is still spinning.

I have always seen repeating numbers, but never the the extent that I see them now. I’m talking seeing them multiples times a day, and some days it’s every hour I am awake. This started to increase when I met someone, and we are not on good terms right now, it is awk, and I feel like I am not even their friend. That’s a long story, anyways. These numbers seem to increase/ would increase when I would talk to him/ something would happen. When I don’t talk to them the numbers decrease, but other numbers with a direct link to him appear more often. Like for example his team number is 15, well 15 everywhere. Or house number 123, 123 everywhere. These numbers are replaced by 666, 111, 444, sometimes 222, 333, 888.... 1111, 555, 777, 999 are rare. I play a game a lot and the numbers also pop up in the game, license plates, bills, somg lengths, time, ect.

I just need answers and reassurance bc I am heartbroken, confused, and upset. Then I’ll see these numbers and it is worse.

I know about twin flames, and I don’t think that is it. I also know abojt star seeds, light workers, indigo/crystal children. I fall somewhere into indigo/crystal (I think more crystal even though my age is higher then what is said, personality matches more.) and empath. I have a hard time with my emotions and separating mine from other people. It is enough to cause panic attacks, make me sick and SH.

And words to make me understand or feel better would be appreciated.

Re: Synchronicity Advice?

The sound of birds outside my window as the sun meets the sky.

Your post is number 222.

I feel as if you need some help.

being alone in your feelings is a kind of prison.

the bars on your window were not put there by someone else.
your desire is for things to be as they were before.
this is entirely natural because it was so good at the time.
even the best things must come to an end
and although we may feel broken and lost
there is always a place in the garden for you
where all is well
and life is good.
these numbers you notice being somewhat divinitional in context
my humble opinion is to show that one door has closed
and it is now time to turn around
and slowly look in another direction
and continue on your path of spiritual development.
this is difficult for most people, the same
as feelings are the desire that moves us all
and its like losing a child. it hurts. its empty. its
like you have been whacked in the face with a plank of wood.
we dont want that.
you have to know that in all the ups and downs of life,
God is still with you
and ready to hold your hand
if only you just ask for his presence
he will be standing right next to you
and he will never fail
or let you down
or cheat you
because it takes feelings
to know when he is near you.
and you prove you have these in abundance
what does this mean?
it means you have the chance to move on with God beside you
as your friend
you are never alone or lost or without some one who values you.
where is God?
inside you. your feelings know him.
your life is his gift
and its all for you.
all the good stuff
and the choices
and the ups and downs that make the ups so good
and the downs so hurty.
and where are we?
we are all one with God
and in our own way
passing by and saying hello
and goodbye.
what the love inside you gives
is the key to know him
and progress as a person
because he never leans on anyone
only gives them choices to make their own
and allows us to be the divine spark that we all are
moving towards his light.
what confusion is
is lack of control
and lack of understanding.
what security is
is knowing what is
and is not
and knowledge changes as we grow-
from children to adults for one;
from the past to our future for another.
its not for me to describe how you turn away from loss and suffering.
If it was me, i would change my work or home and move on.
but i am not you. you are you.
and your path is yours to treat under your total control
and his blessing, whichever direction you choose and change and go.
you have not lost anything
but enjoyed something precious
and want for more
which is good.
you are a better person for this part of your journey
have experienced much
and taken of its fruits
now is the time to greet the next morning sun,
gather your things,
go to sing with the birds in the garden,
see this world for what it is
the best place to be
and make another start
to another part
of your journey.

and there, and here and then and how
what is is not and can and may by now
so we mere man and God be one in vow.

Re: Synchronicity Advice?

When I see these kind of repeated numbers is when I feel more connected or in tune with the spiritual energy. To me, spiritual energy is the same as the Divine, or God.
I do believe they carry messages for us.
For example, when I see number 3 or repeated 3´s, I feel a connection to Spirit and to my "guides" for a lack of a better word. I feel that they are there with me and that things are good and being taken care of. Other numbers carry other meanings but I am not familiar with all.

The numbers I have been seeing the most lately are the 55 or 555. Doing a bit of research, they give different meanings. The one which resonates the most right now is "change". A number of change or transition somehow. Some aspect of my current reality may come to an end soon and a big change may be coming. But it is a bit hard to know the meanings. what I do when I see these numbers is that I research them on different places online and see which information resonates with me the most.
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